Yay! I finally got Greymatter working, this is the start of my blog!

I should really get some food and get ready for Urban Swing


  1. Adie and Jel Says:

    Had an awesome time at Urban swing, the feet would not stop tapping. Think you may have converts in the 7irene camp. Bon Voyage and have a brilliant time 😀

  2. fede Says:

    Jees you have a blog, me too is in italian tho – cant believe you are going, will miss u
    fex 😥

  3. Mark Says:


    Thanks for visiting.

    I cant read your blog if its italian.

    See my post on Urban Brawl for more on who was fighting.

    The party was really fantastic.


  4. Sophia Says:

    Mark, I just compared with your DOC web page. The old one was less stylish, and more "cartooney". Please, put up some drawings too.

    Keep writing!