My House

Here is a picture of my house.
myHouse1.jpeg (15k file)
In the first week I was here, a lot of people asked me what my house is like. Here are some photos.

frontdoor.jpeg (18k file)

garden (28k image)

kitchen (10k image)

sink (12k image)

bed (15k image)


  1. tygger Says:

    I’m back! sorry … my turn to appologise for not replying to say i received your long reply to my e-mail – was snowed under with work, and then was in toulouse … but am back now and reply will be on the way soon … but now, just to say how much fun i’ve had catching up with you reading your blog this morning … kiss your hand indeed!

  2. Cyka Says:


  3. Mark Says:

    Welcome back Swing Demon!

    Cyka, where **is** the picture of your sofa?

  4. Cyka Says:

    hmmm. depends on if you want me in the picture of the sofa or not. still can’t believe i fell asleep before the tea was even ready.

    SWING DEMON? you owe me a LOT of dancing, mister. in fact, i’m beginning to think the whole ‘swing’ part of the ‘psycho swing man’ is made up. 😛


  5. Mark Says:

    Cyka, I did __try__ and take a picture of you flaked out on the sofa in my living room, but the batteries in my camera gave up the ghost when I pressed the button. You needed to sleep though, I wasn’t certain I ought to wake you.

    Hey, we had a good time in the sfarii park on Sunday, and I saw Zebra an Giraffe and — what did you call ’em? — Hyrax!

  6. Lydia Says:

    🙂 Nice to see where you are. It looks lovely and it’s splendid to be able to visualise you somewhere that looks like a home. Will you put pictures on the wall?
    Peace and Harmony!

  7. Munuve Says:

    Pole sana kwa kuingilia. I went to Tala high school, the Univ. of Nairobi before going to London and now Philadelphia. I hope you are liking Tala market and the neighborhood(Katine and Nguluni). I grew up there (Nguluni) and used to walk to and from Tala High every day. I know my people there like visitors and hope they are keeping up the hospitality. Should you need local contacts, send me an email and i will contact a few travelled locals and even an computer(Tala alumni)expart trained in Boston. Btw, you have a nice "crib" /house posted up there.
    Best wishes

  8. Mark Says:

    Munuve! Welcome, how did you find me? On those mornings when I run, I get just to the edge of Nguluni , but I have not yet been there for any other reasoin yet, but I will. Im adapting slowly to life over here.

    And yes, my home is lovely. There is another room, one with a sofa and stuff, but the pics I took of it look dreadful so you’ll have to wait (or visit) to see it.

    Lydia, your peace and harmony are most welcome. smooch!

  9. Danny Says:

    Definitely looks like home, very peaceful. Can smell the peanut and Aubergene from here. Sorry no ‘Bisto’ sniffing smilies so I’ll just stick with the shades, all that sunlight makes me squint.
    Big hugs. 😎

  10. Fede Says:

    Ciao Mark

    been away scuba diving in the indian ocean for a week, im still rocking from the boat swell, it was fantastic, it’s gorgeous out there in the tropics, i miss the sea.

    love xx

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