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Thursday morning is definitely the time to be in the lab; there are very few students about and, consequently, the load on the satelite is lower. This morning I have managed uploaded a 10Mb Movie (.AVI) of the girls doing the Charleston stroll yesterday!

Charleston Stroll on You Tube

They made a great job of it; I started to teach them the Jitterbug Stroll after that! Someone tell me how the break goes in the jitterbug stroll: forward on right, tap left toe behind right, step on left, tap right toe behind left… then what? Something that turns through a quarter turn…? I normally bluff it. In fact I normally bluff a quite a lot of the Charleston stroll too. There is that flying charleston kick thing and what I do fits the music ok, but I don’t thik its what Garry Boon does. And Im not sure if what Gary does is the same as Sing Lim did. (But Im basing that only on something Gary once said when he was teaching it). So the Charleston stroll is evolving slowly.

Another thing that is evolving slowly is me!


  1. Cad Says:

    Link to the AVI is broke-d! (
    And the popcorn was soft.
    I demand my money back!

    It was great to see pics of your house Mark, though I must say I have a strong urge to tuck your duvet in around the sides (a long story).

    We met up with Lyn and Alex (my little sis and her bloke) recently and they were asking how you are getting on. I’ll direct them to your blog if that is OK?

    Must relay this story they told me:

    The tiles in their hallway were a bit poorly stuck down so they decided to rip them up and do a proper job.
    Before putting down the new tiles they covered the hall floor with this "self-levelling compound" which you pour down as a liquid, it levels and then sets hard after a few hours.
    Being the organanised pair that they are, they booked a dinner table for the evening so they could go out while the floor did it’s thing, put their posh change of clothes in the garage and worked their way towards the front door, pouring the last of the compound in from the doormat (Lyn already in her make-up 🙂 ). That done, they shut the door behind them, got changed in the garage and went out to dinner.
    Several hours later they came back, Lyn well oiled, to find that the compound hadn’t quite set. Alex grabbed a ladder from the garage and made a bridge from the doorstep to the bottom stair and across they went! Lyn described her tipsy journey across the ladder, in heels, with some amusement and off they went to bed.
    Sound a bit like "The Crystal Maze" with drunk people.

    I told the story to the folk at work and got a great one in return. This guy did exactly the same thing, put down the compound and went out while it set. Unfortunately, his hallway had a bit more of a slope on it than he had reckoned and the compound flowed nicely to level, rising up and blocking the bottom inch of his front door before setting 🙂
    Of course, upon his return he couldn’t get back into his house


    he sawed off the bottom inch and a bit of his door.
    Made me laugh.

    Looking forward to the next post from "Our Man In Mombasa"

  2. lydia Says:

    What are you evolving into? Peace, harmony and a BIG hug

  3. Ollie :() Says:

    Evolving? I have this image of you slowly and carefully unfolding yourself from the shy and retiring coccoon you always wore, and sprouting the wings of truely outrageous behaviour! Hope so! :hehe:

  4. HelenandOllie Says:

    Great video!!!! (but sort your compression out mate :doze:)Amazing the seamless way in which you fudge the bit you don’t know. Picture us now trying to teach ourselves the stroll from your film – doing really well until the bit where you have to turn round (away from the screen).
    BIG smoochy love

  5. tygger Says:

    Ah! I can’t get the download either!!!! I want to see what you’re teaching the girls as i think we both fudge different bits – so together we may have a full number!!! will talk to christi about it as i know she knows the original sing lim version

    as for jitterbugs stroll
    8 Step forward with RF
    1 Tap behind with LF
    2 Step forward with LF
    3 Tap behind with RF
    4 Step behind with RF
    5 Step even further behind and turning slightly to the left with LF
    6 Step with RF (now facing left)
    7 Step with LF (now facing left)

    (basically 4, 5, 6, 7 is all single steps to get you round to face 45 degrees to the left)

    hope that helps …


    ps got your long e-mail – wow, there’s lots going on in everyone’s lives right now, eh? On science comm. course next couple of days so will try and get a reply out to you over the weekend …

    big hug and snog!

  6. Mark Says:

    OOps! I uploaded the file with sFTP not using the blog software, and put a relatively link to it in the page. So if you click from the index page you see it, and if you click from the comments page you dont, because the comments page is in the archive dir. So I will edit the page and make the link an absolute one.

    Ollie and Helen, erm.. oh heck! Love both!

  7. Mark Says:

    I want to play **Drunk Crystal Maze**!! And I want to be on Lyn and Alex’s team!

    On second thoughts, I want to be **Inebriated O’Brian**. "Mumsy…"

    Thanks Tyg, so what I think you’re saying is that after the two step-foreward, tap-behind bits…

    Its just a step to the left! …

  8. tygger Says:

    can see video now!!! cool!!!

    the girls are doing it great … erm, I’m still trying to figure out the flying charleston, but the end (i think) is:

    after the flying charleston theres 8 counts of picking apples off trees (or unscrewing lightbulbs as the bollywood people would do!)

    1,2 long kick across body to the left
    3,4 bring that right leg back while dragging left heel slightly (body still facing left corner, and sitting into the right leg)
    5,6 teapot
    7,8 scarecrow (you know, collapse knees into each other and do something strange with your arms)

    then the last 8 counts is the wash window whilst going round 3/4 of a turn …

    does that make sense?

    and yes, jitterbug stroll, just use the four steps to get round to the left – doesn’t matter how you do it really…

  9. tygger Says:

    … and get the girls to SHIMMEY on the walking backwards thing (just before the clap clap clap) …

  10. Mark Says:

    A girl who’se face is not yet familiar to me just came quietly up to me and handed me a stack of 12 floppy disks (hey, remember those, Guys?): the assignments from my Javascript class for me to mark. What an odd place this is.

    Thanks I forgot about the kick bit after screwing the apples.

    //Shimmey?// OK what they are doing, because I told them to, is rolling their shoulders: right then left as they step back. Not sure I want to make them un-learn that and replace with a shimmey instead. What do you do with your arms while you drag your left foot back?

  11. tygger Says:

    on "kick and drag" – arm movements:

    1,2 swing left arm fwd, right arm back

    3,4 swing right arm fwd, left arm back

    ie, like standard walking motion

    on teapot – right arm does spout and left arm on hips doing handle.

  12. tygger Says:

    floppys??? do you have a floppy drive? i didn’t think they sold those anymore!

    not an odd place … but an INTERESTING place!


  13. tygger Says:

    darn … i don’t know if you worked it out yourself, but the long kick across body to the left on 1,2 is with the right leg … edit my entry for me?

  14. Chris Says:

    WOT? Remote debugging of Charlestones in Africa? Is a semicolon missing? No, it was a shimmey.

    Seen it all now. Dunno how hard it was to get an AVI uploaded but well worth it!! More!

    Love and best parcel-receiving wishes, Uncle Mungers xx

    ps: I was evolving once, but I just turned into a lay-by. (Or was it a turn-off?)

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