Shameless request for help

I was talking to someone before I came here about donating computers. I can’t remember who it was, but the gist was that they worked for a company that upgraded their machines and just put the old ones into storage. I thought, at the time that it would not be possible to use them here as I had heard of high import duty. But I should have known, Sister P knows a way to get round it. So if whoever it was is reading this, please email me and let me know your employer’s contact details so I can appraoch them and ask for their help. The new building for the cyber cafe is nearly finished. I have just been to have a look at the plastered walls with places for network and power sockets. But Sister has only two PCs to put there. This is a revenue project for the college, to help pay the monthly cost of the satelite dish. If you think you might be able to get your company to donate some kit to us, please get in contact.


  1. Cyka Says:

    i’m currently on a search/funding for something very similar, if you decide it’s possible for us to have a chat over a cup of tea and do some brainstorming/sounding boarding (i do actually need a sane outside mind to bounce ideas off of after yesterday’s holland disappoint) i know of some people/programs that are looking to get involved in computer development for locals.

  2. zorka Says:

    hey i’ve got an IBM laptop that is sort of broken but dead small and wonderful. if a company can sort that out i’ll be happy to donate it. but to whom?
    let me know before i sell it back to the shop.

  3. Mark Says:

    I don’t think I can use a broken laptop, thanks Dawn. The local blacksmith is good, but no that good!

    If you can sell it, sell it!

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