Teaching continued

The thing entertaining me most at the moment is this teaching question. But don’t forget I’m also on the look out for some half-decent PCs for our cybercafe!


  1. dee-zed Says:

    Hello. This teaching question – I understand the need to respect local culture and values, but I can’t see too much wrong with teaching in your own style, as you described. If it doesn’t work at all ever even with the going through the register method then at some point you would have to give up, but if it someitmes works then I think you should perservere. I would be very wary of doing too much of answering your own questions as it may undermine and undo much of the work that you’ve done to try to create interaction. However using it as an occassional technique is surely not that different to rephrasing a queston in a different way – you’re still moving forward on a subject – maybe you should even consciously try to do it in a way that it is intentionally similar to the question rephrasing. So, a little bit is probably ok, but not too much. (As I said in the text, this is just a longer version of "I don’t really know".) :confused: 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    What’s the definition of "half decent"? Just in case a dept here has a clear-out…

    Also what to do about shipping stuff over? Is there a cheap/easy way of sending all that heavy stuff, or is that the main issue with getting people to donate stuff rather than bin it?


  3. fede Says:


    might have my sis old PC in italy – how are we getting it to you tho?


  4. Mark Says:

    Thanks fede.
    Half decent: I dont have numbers yet but it means it has to be a good machine still, as we can get clones cheap over here. The government has removd VAT from computers (not sure if thats in general or for schools) in the last budget so desktop machines are availiable. There is a high cost of ownership however as we have to pay several thousand shillings for a UPS for each machine we get.

    So we’re not exactly looking for all donations of old PCs, sadly we cannot make use of them. But if someone has replaced a server and it still has a fast processor and some reasonable RAM, we could use it. The definition is roughy:if you would like it yourself, we can probably use it.

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