Birthdays are special days

bdcake (43k image)

Oh yes they are! More photos in ‘more’ section.

Got some more post this morning: a wonderful CD from the Jungle Kid, thank you so much! And a letter from Lydia.

There is a movie on the CD which I have seen only on a machine that has no sound card: dark shapes move rythmically over dark backgrounds. Faces flicker. I’m going to have to track down a computer with the appropriate combination of working sound and media-player…

last night on the way back to my house from the market (where I had inadvertently bought some ripe fruit that I could play the guess-the-fruit-game with because even I dont know what it is, but it turned out to be over-ripe and full of maggots) I was greeted by two of the teachers from the girls school behind the college: smart gentlemen on bicycles.
“Hello Mark” called on of them, as he passed.
I rotated on the spot with my jaw and shopping bags hanging slackly down. He looked back over his shoulder as he pedaled.
“You want me to tell you who I am!”, he said. It wasn’t a question, he knew damn well I did.

To cut a long story short, he turns out to be the husband of the secretary here at HRC. They seem to have been friends of the previous volunteer and he invited me to visit him on a weekend saying that he would, if necessary, come and fetch me from my house because he didnt think I should remain so isolated there. Made me smile all the way back to my little isolated house… until I saw the maggots anyway!

m+p (32k image)
Sister Pauline and me on the Friday before my birthday.
“This is my son”, she said, in her wonderful Nigerian accent, so I got down to the appropriate level.

cutcake (25k image)
It wasn’t actually that hard to cut.

letthemeatcake (53k image)
Let Them Eat Cake — the staff of Holy Rosary tuck in to cake and Soda.

cakenadbeer (28k image)
Next day in Machakos, there was a second cake. And wine! And Beer!

wtsbd (41k image) cjbd (38k image)

Will, Tess, Sheila; Christine and Jackie at the party in Machakos.


  1. tygger Says:

    hurray for maggots! ..erm… no … why did i say that??? Oh yeah! Coz the maggots gave you something funny to write about!!!

    lovely piccies by the way – great to see the staff room – i can finally start to imagine what being at holy rosary feels like …

  2. Junglekid Says:

    Hurray! The package arrived. What did "shaking your weasel" mean? Have you adopted a rare African weasel? Are you keeping it safely in your lederhosen?

    Q. Speaking of weasels, do you know the difference between a weasel and a stoat?

    A. One is weasely recognisable; the other is stoatally different. :satisfied:

    Let me know how you get on with the diverse (and naturally very exciting) music mix on there.

    junglekid x

  3. Chris Says:

    Hurrah for the pics!

    PS: Radio Mungbean will return…

  4. Mark Says:

    Tyg: no thanks to maggots. I have other funny stuff to share with you. See todays blog. (well I think its funny)

    Kid: **You** yourself wrote on my letter "More music than you can shake a weasel at". Since I had just put the CD on and was lovin’ the chunes, I told you I was shakin’ it.

    Speaking of weasels, I have somewhere a copy of Pop Goes The Weasel which is really quite swingy! Got it from a compilation of old stuff my brother had that includes Right Said Fred (the song about moving a piano, not the one about being too sexy) and The Stately Homes Of England, and Boom petty boom bittty boom petty boom bitty boom petty bo- bo- boom!

    Brother Bean: I’m very happy. Having those mad annoincements and samples interspersed made me laugh. And is there a track listing? there is a theme song I cant place, (no, not Rubaab and Custard)

  5. lydia Says:

    Looks like staffrooms are the same everywhere! You could have had "guess the maggot". Great to see you looking well – very crisp white shirt there! :hehe:

  6. junglekid Says:

    D’Oh! :blush:

    So I did. Hope said weasel is thoroughly shaken now.


  7. Sophia Says:

    How nice to see the photos of your frinds, and of the cake!

    I am amazed to see you, Mark, in a boring white shirt… Do you now wear the funny, black and orange T-shirts nay more?


  8. Mark Says:

    Sophia, I’m wearing an orange T-shirt today. But it’s Good Friday

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