I can hardly believe it. This is the last lab session before the deadline for the Javascript Assignment — the one where I set 12 different assignments for the 12 ladies in the class — I have helped three ladies this morning and, despite the fact that the lab seems full of my class, who seem to be working hard, nobody else had their hand up. So I went to see a few of them to see what they were doing. They had started to do each other’s assignments because they had finished their own and wanted to practise!

😀 Now I am looking forward to marking these!


  1. Junglekid Says:

    Now that is some good education you’re doing. I’m impressed. Can I join your course please?

  2. Mark Says:

    JungleKid, you can probably teach **me** about dynamic HTML.

  3. tygger Says:

    ay! i want to join this course as well – can you two do a joint thing as a distance-learning-over-Mark’s-blog thing???

  4. Mark Says:

    I have just been handed a pile of 12 floppy disks. No, not the old 5" ones (though I did see one of those in the library the other day) the little plastic-covered ones.

    Last time this happened I was excited at the prospect of seeing the ladies’ work. Then dissapointed to see many copies. This time, who knows…

    Tygger, do you really want to learn about Javascript?

    I just managed to get Greymatter working on the local server here so I can play about with it and maybe improve the look and feel of this place: my parlour. You’re ahead of me on that count!

  5. monkeyboy :() Says:

    i’ve just been over to

    oh how I laughed. I think Robert and Martin are having a war of words while agreeing with each other.

    nice to know that the scene is as full of ‘healthy’ rivalry as when you left?

    ps. it’s odd to see you in a white office-shirt.

  6. Mark Says:

    Oh lordy, I hope that sort of thing isn’t happening on Swingbunch as well.

    Frankly I would just bloody well like to lindy-hop with someone reasonably good.

    And yeah, you can tell Helen that the earring has gone too. Some Kenyans who have seen my tattoo (the on on my arm, they ain’t seen the other one) were supprised to discover that it cannot be washed off. I’m kinda glad I took the tongue stud out too as that really would take some explaining.

  7. fede Says:

    Food: spinach and cheese panckae
    Weather: sunny over the thames

    ciao mark,

    spring is almost here, almost. Between yours and my sister’s i dont know which blog is the madder, but i enjoy reading both…

    fex 😎

  8. dee- Says:


  9. Nic Says:

    hey babe,

    i’ve been in vouyer mode for a while but it cheers me up no end to find out what your up to!

  10. Mark Says:

    OOh it gives me a nice warm feeling to find all these comments on my blgo when I log in.
    One of the nice things about the blog is that I can access it with Lynx (text-based browser) like I am doing now as there is a propblem with Windows on this machine but I can telnet to our linux server and run Lynx.
    Hooray for linux!
    Hi Nic, Fede, I suppose Luci’s blog is in italiano like your own. Oh well.
    On with trying to mark javascript assignments on a machine on which the desktop (explorer) doesn’t run.

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