Hi! Rax!

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I met this fellow in Nairobi’s safari park when Cyka took me there. The picture turned out larger than I expected; click and you should get the full size one. 😉

I was back there a week ago with some people from the Amani Councelling centre whom I know through someone I met on a Matatu. This time we did the “nature walk” or “Safari Trail” or some such name which, basically, means zoo. But I did get to see lots of animals!

{{popup zebra.jpg zebra 860×208}}zebraBut that was Easter weekend, the time of the big power outage in Tala and I had moved my good AA batteries from the camera into the diskman, so I couldn’t take any photos. Here instead is another from my game drive with Cyka.

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  1. lydia Says:

    ZEBRA!! It is SO cool to read about your exploits in Africa but your wisdom is sorely missed in the UK. How far away was the zebra? Card in the post btw!

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