ugali-flowchart (30k image) Tom asked me a good question about Ugali. In response I include here a flowchart that I used in a C programming class yesterday.

The maize meal is white and makes a kind of sticky lump slightly more stodgey than mashed potatoe. Some people laughed at me for putting “add salt” in the recipe, but the on-line recipes I have seen for it include salt. Some say add a blueband margerine to the water before the maizemeal goes in, to make it taste good and help stop it burning and sticking to the pan.

When you eat Ugali here you describe the meal as Ugali with whatever… meat stew or Sukuma Wiki (green vegetable) or whatever, not the other way round as would be the case in England. And, traditionally, it is eaten with the fingers, pulling lumps off and kneading into a little thumb pot which is used to scoup up stew.

By itself it is tasteless and has an odd texture, but with a rich stew, it is delicious.


  1. Shell Says:

    I’m impressed that you even attempt to make ugali. I stick to eating it with beef stew at lunchtime. My colleagues seem to be impressed that I always choose it over chips – like the guy in your Machakos hotel. And they tell me that an African man has to have ugali every day. I’ve explained that I usually cook spaghetti but apparently their husbands complain too much if they serve that as its just not filling enough – evidently you are not a real man if you don’t eat ugali.

    Sorry i missed you VSO folk in town this weekend – what did you get up to? Had just got back from Wajir after a very long bus ride – left the house in Wajir at 2.30 am, arrived at home 5.30 pm, very sore backside and hadn’t gone to bed the night before and so, for once, was sensible and went to bed early on a Friday night. I now know just how flat and sandy Kenya is from Garissa upwards – that’s absolutely flat and nothing but sand – for hours and hours and hours – just the occasional goat or camel to liven up the journey. Coming back I found myself thinking how lovely Mwingi looked and realised it was just the first sighting of hills and green stuff.

    See you soon?

  2. Sally S. Says:

    Great work with the flowchart. It seems so easy to make looking at it.

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