Polo Sport

Just the other day I had the urge to apply cologne.

Now I’m not generally much of a scent man. Until 2001 I only owned one bottle of Body Shop No Debate aftershave. Then a lovely Chinese friend gave me her Polo Sport when she went back to Shanghai. I started to get compliments on my aftershave, but until I met Miss Ying I thought Polo Sport was a Volkswagen.

So, there I was, in my African bathroom, stepping out of the shower (I didn’t say it was a typical African bathroom!) and putting on my Gillette clear Gel, which smelt very nice; I suddenly had the urge to smell of Polo Sport once again. And then I let the thought go.

madhoiuse (17k image)A few days ago I posted a list of things I miss. It’s that I miss those black jeans themselves (I actually have three identical pairs because I found them cheap in a Mad House clearance), but what they signify. They would be totally pathetic over here:

  1. They’re black, they’d be very hot
  2. They’re thick cotton and would be heavy in humidity
  3. They drag on the ground and would soon get literally soiled

They stand for Pavements (side-walks), Lindy Hop, and London’s climate.

I was in the bathroom yesterday, shaving my head with a pan of water I’d heated on the stove; I thought about Polo Sport again. Somehow I decided it wouldn’t be satisfying. It wouldn’t be appreciated. I was thinking about indulging myself with scent because I was looking for a way to cheer myself up in the anticlimax after the party (saturday night I had a lovely party with colleagues and other volunteers, but thats another story for another day) Polo Sport was not going to be it. Neither was TV or even Lindy Hop, or any of those things that need to be appreciated in company. I was coming from need: I wanted cheering up. Whereas the other day I’d been coming from abundance, I was happy and I just fancied spoiling myself with some expensive perfume for my own pleasure. How did I get there, into that happy state of mind? If I knew I’d bottle it.


  1. Fede Says:

    Ciao Mark

    grooming is good!

    Havent been dancing in ages, really dont feel like it at all. So much more to do, and it’s a shame, but of course I remember your black jeans!

    Enjoy the hot weather. Here is plainly disgusting, cold and wet, yesterday it was 16c, can you imagine? It’s winter in italy. I cant wait to go!!

    Im homesick.

    big hug


  2. Mark Says:

    It’s actually winter here. This is the cold season. I dont know how cold it is but it gets so cold on clear the evenings now, I have to wear a long sleve shirt to sleep in. And sometimes even socks.

  3. Drew Says:

    Ahhh, mark, nice pants 🙂

    News from here:
    Off to EJC in less than two weeks – 2500 jugglers for 8 days,
    I Got some chrome soles 🙂 I’m gonna try them for first time tonight at C-jam.
    And I still I can’t dance, I checked in my pants, not a trace of ants, so I guess I’m going to have to come up with another excuse for this. suggestions thankfully recieved. 😀

    Drew 😀

  4. Mark Says:

    I started wearing orange, as you recall, because I figured that since all the good dancers wore orange, it would help me dance better. And it did!

    I’ve also heard people say that baggy pants help.

    Get yourself some baggy orange pants.

    (oh, and go to Herrang!)

    Im jealous, I never had chrome soles. Something to buy with my VSO End-Of-Service grant in 19 months time, just before I head off to the USA with a duffle bag and a big grin. **sigh**

    Hugs right back at ya!


  5. Drew Says:

    Marks Top Swing Tips #1:
    Wear Orange Pants with a Baggy factor 11
    😀 (OK I’m on the case)

    O just realised that this saturday marks exactly 6 months since you first took me to Rhythm Lounge and I watched swing for the first time and I SAT there grinning like a mad thing!
    Thanks kiddo

  6. Mark Says:

    If only I could just go out swing dancing this evening. Its wednesday, Jitterbugs should be on. **sigh**

    I remember that Rhythm Lounge, how we kept having the start of a conversation and then I’d get asked to dance and scarper off onto the floor, mugging at you.

    And Katie was there (where are you Katiebug?) whoopin’ and hollerin’, which always helps.

  7. tygger Says:

    i wish you were there too piggie (ps, thanks for the text). They’ve done some crap varnishing to the floor and i couldn’t dance, even in my chromes … sad. Struggled with steve for 3 dances, and then left 🙁

    C-jam on tuesday was another story though – Drew’s doin well in his chromes (he can do the feet back together from semi splits position that even I can’t do – I’m jealous!). Was a happening (although somewhat jet-lagged) crowd but we had FUN. Wished you were there too …

    speaking of dancing and usa and herrang … I’d recommend beantown wholeheartedly. In fact, if money is not an issue, would recommend it over herrang … uhuh! thats how much i liked the atmosphere. The demographic was more like the london scene – not so much overwhelmed by young american upstarts who always seem to have something to proove. People were SO supportive … felt like everyone really cared (even in a ryan and and jenny class!). Only thing is they’re still a bit reserved about being silly when dancing (they were quite capable of being silly at other times …), but its something that can be worked on 😉

    Anyways, hope you’re feeling more cheerful today – go have a listen to a couple of "our" songs – Sammy’s LMOLM, "It only happens in the movies", and "heart attack and vine", and remember, and smile!

    love you lots

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