TNsmallGreenChamelian (8k image)TNsmallBrownChamelian (14k image)


  1. Tom Says:

    …not quite like the mummy, or Porl Smith. Just a head bandage. And possibly a sling.

    Nice pix.


  2. Drew Says:

    Late night post C-jam smiles to you
    I finally met and danced with FAB Orange Jane.
    ! and ! on the !

    And I would like to go on the record saying that:
    1) She IS very sensible, 😎
    2) As the lead, it was entirely my fault that we both ended up flat on the floor during the middle of our Tango
    3) and the penguin impersonations 🙂
    4) How did we end up on the floor?
    5) Ummm. Fill in the rest of the details yourself.
    6) and WHY were we dancing Tango at C-jam?
    7-8) Shit :rolleyes: and flush (an "advanced" swing step that i think she taught me)

    Anyways, other than that, my news: I’m off th EJC for all of next week 🙂 Things are lovely with the little one, Mmmmmmm. 😀 and I still cant dance, BUT I’m having a lot more fun not dancing nowdays. 😀

    Do those chameleons come in orange?

  3. Mark Says:

    I remember a dance with OJ, boogiewoogie I think it was, the crotch of my trousers split from knee to knee. (Cheap trousers from Petticoat Lane Market!).

    Ah, them were’t days.

    Enjoy EJC. If you meet the ladies from Groupschool Sauvage Des Jonglerus Foux (or however you spell it) from Brussels, send them my love. They put up with my club passing when it was really rather crap.

  4. tygger Says:


    do you remember, way back when jitterbugs was still in leicester square, and we danced, and somehow both managed to spilt our crotches the same night (maybe even whilst dancing together …. aaahhhh … they don’t make trousers like they used too …


  5. fede Says:

    My god these pictures are amazing!! fantastic.

    and it’s the same animal. gosh.

    hats off to mother nature


  6. Mark Says:

    It might be the same species, but its not the same individual. Still, I thikn its pretty remarkable!

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