The Natives

Then, somehow, on Sunday I found myself in a Kenyan home eating fish and green bananna and watching the Olimpics. The appartment was full of very smart (doctors and lawyers) Kenyan sisters and their partners and friends. They were so funny I kept wondering if I had strayed onto the set of a well-scripted sitcom. I learned to appreciate men’s 100m:
“They’ve got tight bums! It’s not a discussion, its a fact!”

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  1. Jan Says:

    Yo Bro,
    yes I have always liked to watch the olimpics !! and someone told me the other day that a friend with a foot fetish loved the gymnastics…. the triathlon was wonderfull and both womens [steve liked the costumes and what was inside and the mens … with 2 KiWi winners]
    cycling was good …
    I loved the pictures of the camels by the way I have a real love of camels … did you not ride ??
    you seem to be having a great time …love sis Oh I have sent you pics of new and abandoned lamb .. ram .. steve and I called him UGG RUGG ….xxx Jan

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