The wrong page of the Psalms

I was just walking round the lab shutting down computers and I found this:
psalm (4k image)
It made me smile.


  1. Cad Says:

    Isn’t that "The Lord is Shepherd" which contains the line "He restoreth my soul"?

    Did the backup fail on this particular machine?? 🙂

    Remember, Jesus saves, The Lord takes backup tapes.


  2. Mark Says:

    Actually, its a screen saver. That machine also had one called The Last Supper. They show terribly kitsch pictures and have texts that Christians of the right disposition might find encouraging. They also crash the system.

    I have removed them:
    search for all files called *.SCR
    and remove!

    Works great except that the search dialogue doesnt pop up when you press F3 on most of our XP boxes now. Anybody know why that might be? Anyone got a native Win32 version of unix ‘find ‘ and ‘rm’ ?

  3. Raj Says:

    I’ve got something called "CYGWIN" installed on my windoze boxen – runs in a command shell and gives you a veritable feast of unix commands, including a BASH shell.

    Here’s the website,

    The version I have is pretty old, but it works ok.

  4. Mark Says:

    Yeah, I’ve had that on every windoze box I’ve owned for years, couldn’t live without it. I was hoping for something a little smaller to install. Just a thought.

  5. Will Says:


    just had some time to stroll into your arena. This is too funny! hope you are doing well.



  6. Mark Says:

    Will! We miss you.
    What’s it like being at school in America after teaching in Kenya?

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