It rained yesterday. I mean properly. There had been drizzle on sunday but it rained properly yesterday for about an hour. Hopefully this means we’ll get some more and peoiple can start to grow food again.

I’m hobbling about because I got an Acacia thorn in my foot through the sole of my red rubber flip-flop on sunday when I was hanging out the washing (in time for it to get rained on). As I limped up past the college yesterdy in the clearing shower I saw students holding their supper dishes under the rainwater flowing from the roof to wash them.

This morning one of the Sisters complained about people bringing mud into the staff room on their shoes.


  1. Lydia Says:

    Chest cold and a limp. You’re a real sex god at the moment. It’s funny how people can adjust to situations so fast that they can normalise them into complaining small things really quickly. (Did that make sense? I’m not sure if it translated from my brain to my typing properly). Advice please from the person who can get his students to do stuff like the last post you wrote with the floppy or indeed anyone who reads this blog!- I have a REALLY ungelled 6th form class with wildly differing abilities and enthusiasm – I need inspiration because ALL my lessons with them are falling flatter than flat. 😥

  2. Mark Says:

    I’m coughing better, as my Dad used to say, and limping worse. Sex God I think not.

    Without knowing the symptoms of your VI form in more detail, I can’t give a prognosis, let a lone daignose. What have you tried?

  3. Lydia Says:

    Hope you’re expectorating well today! I’ve tried everything short of a stun gun or going in juggling with flame throwers. Are you doing any juggling these days? I thought of you on Sunday evening – I was at dinner with some friends, one of whom took out some juggling balls after ice cream (Green + Black’s mint choc – VERY nice) – apparently been inspired by a colleague to learn to juggle. I forgot how utterly uncoordinated I was many moons ago when you tried to teach me to get three balls in the air and had a go. They all stayed in the vicinity of me but it’s a good thing she doesnt have breakable objects on display. And I think her friend forgave me for the direct hit… :blush:

  4. Chris Says:

    Hi Lydia

    I’ve never had to cope with VIth formers (and I’ve no idea what subject you teach) but one of my techniques with a new-but-unresponsive class is to put the ball in their court, non-threateningly, and to do some kind of exercise that *they* are driving. Usually something that involves them tell me stuff (instead of the usual, and often pointless, other way around).

    I find that sometimes giving them the chance to say what they want to say opens some people up, but this nearly always involves playing a waiting game and doing lots of coaxing (no Mark, not coax-ing) to get them to come out of their shells.

    Running this kind of class often means much more satisfactory preparation-to-participation ratio, too!

    good luck.


  5. Lydia Says:

    Thanks Chris! I tried this yesterday – some of the boys were grumbling that they knew it already and some of the rest of the class looked really unsure so I offered the whiteboard pen to two students – it worked really well (not sure it it’s what you meant!). I sat with the class and asked questions and heckled a little. 🙂

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