This morning there was a dog in my garden. Thats not unusual, they come and steel stuff from the garbage pile. But this one was tied up! It was tied next to the garbage pile with a rope just short enough that it couldnt reach the garbage. There was a lot of yelping.

I wandered out to the garden and the dog did __submissive dog__ body language as I approached. The rope was tied to its neck and the end was caught on the barbed wire of the fence. I released it and chased it away from the garbage.

Meanwhile Im staggering about with a headache that I’ve had for the last three days, together with discomfort in my joints which is worse in the evenings. Since its no better on day four, Im going to Kangundo General Hospital, when this class is over, to get a blood test for malarie parasites!


  1. Mark Says:

    Looks like I can’t spell Malaria.
    And also I didn’t have it.

    Meanwhile this week, while has been down, Ive been to the doctor in Nairobi and had a yard of blood tested for everything from Tick (spoon!) fever to Swamp (monster) fever. Off to town again tomorrow to get the results. Luckily Im feeling much better and the maladies have moved to my throat.

  2. Nic Says:

    Do you get Dengue fever in that part of the world? Joint pain and headache are symptoms. If you are feeling better then prolly isn’t… text or email me at work for more details if you are in a dengue area.

    Hope it’s just something fluy and you are on the mend



  3. Mark Says:

    OK On saturday I went to the doc in Nairobi to check the results of my blood and urine tests and the throat swab they took which, I think, they planted in a window box to see what developed.

    First of all I should say to anyone to whom I mentioned Swamp Fever that there was no Swamp Fever test and so I think the whole thing was a fig-leaf of my imagination, though the doc had talked to me a lot about swimming in lakes and so on. He was thinking of Tick Fever.

    Anyway Malaria, Typhoid and Tick fever all negative. Everything negative, in fact, except that the throat swab developed into a nice pot plant. The best guess we can make is that I have had Strep Throat. The doctors best guess is that that was what had made me feel so bad with the joint aches and so on. He did antoher blood test for thyroid function… But I am sure its all over now as I am feeling much better.

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