Train me some more

Just a quickie on a break from my **next** course. Last week’s swahili training was great, and it was great to be with a bunch of other volunteers. I cant write much about it now, its all a blur.

Steve, one of the Vols on that training, came and stayed this weekend and the Peace Corps came over and we had a party on sat. Since so many were crashing at my pad, we stayed up to the early hours and drank a bottle of good port and one of bad whisky.

Having recovered from all that I find myself doing another training course this week and next: the Cisco network academy trainers certification. This might mean I have to put off my trip to Uganda — despite going and getting the visa at the start of this week. The cisco course is intense, and one of the trainers is staying in my house too.

Ok back to the fray! Mixed mode and multimode fibre optic cables, 802.11b, etc…


  1. Mark Says:

    Well life continues to fly at a pace. Today I was up at 5.30 reading Cisco stuff and ready for the staff to arrive early to read for their online exams. And on top of this I continue to get visitrors which is lovely! A lady from tala just came by with chapatis and lentils (yum!) and offered to take my sheets (All the dirty bedding since all those visitors, were not going to get washed untiul the end of the course otherwise) and wash them.

    Back in the driving seat now and I’m writing these comments rather than studying Ethernet fundamentals for this afternoons training.

  2. Lydia Says:

    Visitors, port, whisky – how fabulous! Is it nice to entertain so much that the bedding needs a wash! 😉
    I came out of my reports-induced stupor – trying to think of something personal and encouraging to say about over 200 kids (and then being told in a lesson yesterday "Oh Miss, you always write a comment that means something, cant you just write the vague stuff everyone else writes") – do I roll into planning next term? No, I start knitting!! A colleague got me started – she was knitting with the MOST amazing wool, I begged to knit a row and she let me, told me where to get fab wool and how to cast on. So here I am knitting a scarf with funky wool called FIZZ. 😀

  3. Mungbean Says:


    Sorry, I have a cold.

    Knitting is the new Rock n Roll, apparently….

  4. Mungbean Says:

    oops… I read Lydia’s comment and thought it was Mark’s…!


    God, I need a day off.

  5. Mark Says:

    I don’t know how to cast off, let alone cast on, so I always remain moored by my knitting yarn.

    Meanwhile the training continues… :plain:

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