Goose chase

I’m replanning christmas.

This Cisco training is very hectic. My original plan for the season was like this:

10th December, away to Uganda with Jackson back after a week and spend xmas with another volunteer in Western Kenya then travel back to Nairobi to meet Rena who is flying in on 26th.

The training has gotten all in the way. At first I thought I’d have to cancel the trip to Uganda and just buzz over to Western for the feast. Then it turned out that I could bail out half way through the course and resume in the new year so I planned a later departure to Uganda and Jackson has delayed his own trip home to accompany me.

Then it became clear that the information about resuming the course in the new year wasn’t all accurate and if I did so I’d end up being a cetified network associate, but not a network instructor, which is the whole point of doing this and I’ve already taken the exams for the trainer part of the course.

So I’m staying here, doing the course until 23rd Dec. I’ll spend Christmas in Tala. That’ll be interesting, I think (Provided I don’t spend the whole day in the convent watching dubbed mexica soap operas). Then go and meet Rena on 26th for my **holiday**.


  1. Tyg Says:

    But what about your christmas pressies??? tell us about your pressies!!! did you like your pressies??? we’re DYING to hear!!!!!!!!!!! Or are you saving them for AFTER your course?

    Yay! Rena visiting youuuuuu … want us to send anything through her?

    BTW, The lovely-one and I now own a HORSE! 😀

  2. Mark Says:

    I have started to watch the videos and listen to the music on those three CDs (Everyone, including me, very impressed with the labels on those, how did you print them?)… oh man 😀

    Love the Antidote…. comedy cat movies. Laugh every time!

    And Drew’s semi-random music collection for Tyg! Excellent!

    Now I had to take the disk to work and use a windoze PC to show it, but I have now also seen the Kempo performance too! Fab! Love the Daniel & Mithi solo with comedy foot-catch!

    Man, you guys are so lucky!

    Thanks you.

  3. Tyg Says:


    so glad you likey likey your pressies … (God, I’ve GOT To stop talking like that!)

    1. CD labels – Drew has bought funky new printer that PRINTS ONTO CDS … ah new toy number one. Very flash, and very nice (new toys number two and three are robot arm and horse!)

    2. Random collection of music – Drew started collecting stuff for me, and then I went ploughing through his stuff grabbing "I want that, OH and that, UM and that", and he started adding more for me "OH, you MUST have that, you NEED that," and it just grew and grew and was so fab that we had to share it with you 🙂

    3. Kempo – ha ha … notice the fuck up we made right at the beginning? It was fun … hopefully we’ll get to perform it again somewhere nice for dancers and film it properly too. Daniel and I just HAD to do comedy – we couldn’t help ourselves.

    OH! you’ve send me e-mail!!! Will reply with more …

    ***HUGE HUGS****


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