Safari 2: Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru, famous for its pink birds.
tnpinkBirds (8k image)


  1. Tyg Says:


    A pink Rena!!!!!!!!!!! … And an orange Bitterjug …. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! SNOG SNOG!


  2. Helen Says:



    Big Hugs


  3. Jan Main Says:

    Yo Bro I was trying to get the HSBC bank but it wont come up but could get you and hey is that bird crap on your jacket ?? are that many of tham they crap on you ????
    and why does tha large pink bird have very little on and you are dressed for a mountain climb ??
    and like the hat but not too sure about the colour.. you look like bugs bunny actually
    actually it looks fantastic best new year for a while then ?/ love Jan and Steve xxxx

  4. Mark Says:

    Bird crap?


    Maybe the chameleon has managed to camouflage itself as guano but maybe you didn’t have your glasses on!

    I was cold by the lake and Rena, apparently, wasn’t. I think it has to do with how much breakfast I get to eat.

    Its been a very good new year, yes. I like the orange hat and I don’t care what you say!

    Happy New Year top you both, will you want to visit Mara and Nakuru when you come to visit this year?

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