A bit of luck

Guess what turned up in my inbox today:

a lucky escape!

I gave the key itself to Prof Mungbean some time in the past and he just forwarded it back to me (as it were). It has made me very happy: I could do with an escape from this place.


  1. Lydia Says:

    What happened when you pressed it? Perhaps you have to click your heels together and wish at the same time. :hehe:

  2. Prof Mungbean Says:

    The amazing thing is, that the day after sending Mark the Escape, I really did have an amazingly lucky escape myself!!

    So, get a copy of the image and forward it onto everyone you know.

    You never know when you might need a Lucky Escape!!


  3. The Management Says:

    The management of Bitterjug.com does not endorse the creating of chain-email or pyramid-based good luck schemes.

    If you want a lucky escape, just copy mine!

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