Valentine celebration?

Valentine’s day 2004 was landfall in Tala for me. I arrived hot and thirsty after an hour and something spent in Sister Pauline’s little Paugeot and was introduced to Kateka the weekend watchman:
“What’s his name?”
“No, not his job, what’s his name”
“His name is Kateka”
“Ooh, I thought you were saying he’s the Care Taker”
(this works best if you can imagine a Nigerian accent)

I spent my first months teaching the Javascript class at college and wondering what to do with my time. In the evenings I cooked good food and wrote letters home listening to Frank Sinatra and feeling lonley.

This year I’m so busy: we just got asked to write and submit exam papers for the universtiy, each one with a marking scheme… and we’ve less than a week to do it. Thankfully I’m teaching Cisco so thats one less exam to write. I’m trying to make a good job of my exams too because those I have seen from the University in the past have been of poor quality. I think they are written in a hurry and without time for review — but now I’m here with the same problems as those guys who wrote the exams in the past. This makes me appreciate the fairly strict submission and review process that existed at De Montfort university when I was writing exams there — though, of course, at the time I resented it.

Its been a year away from Lindy Hop. I was teaching an extra class or two on Saturday morning and I wore my Brit Hop T-shirt.
“That’s a nice shirt”
“Thankyou. Are you saying that because it’s tight”
giggles: “yes” / “no” / “its too small for you”

“what does it mean?”
I explained about Charles Lindberg hopping the atlantic and about Brit Pop and the London Lindy Exchange and how I miss my dancing… Then I talked about Unix system administration for an hour. Sometimes this job seems very strange.

Apparently I get to see some traditional Wakamba dances tomorrow (if I can find time to leave my exam preparations and go to Nguluni with my camera!)


  1. Drew & Minty Says:

    Post GNSH smiling with fatigue.
    Yesterday Peter Loggins said there’s a high chance that Lindy Hop wasn’t named after Lindberg !! He’s been unable to find any evidence supporting this fable AND he thinks it was unlikely that the Savoy cats would have named anything after such a public racist….

    He thinks that the story was possibly a publicity stunt by one of the savoy bosses.

    and he showed us a video clip of good swing dancing (with breakaway’s too) from 1914 and he’s got evidence that it goes back to 1907/08.!!!!!!

    Happy Valentines Day
    Us :hehe: :laugh:

  2. Lydia Says:

    I don’t know anything about Lindy Hop but I do hope you get the time to go to see the dancing tomorrow and that you know that I wasn’t trying to be critical of you the other day, just putting a different slant on what you said.
    Lots of love!

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