Foo Fighters

Someone, and I’m afraid I don’t know who, has given me a Foo Fighters album which I now have on my PC and am enjoying very much in a sort of Terrorvision meets the Violent Femmes sort of way. Whoever it was, thank you very much!

In other news, I have just seen one of my students here reading these pages. Welcome! I look forward to hearing, one way or another, your comments on the struggle I have been havinq in my classes over the last year. Although I do not intend to censor myself, I’m sure that my having seen you reading this will subconsiously affect my choice of material and content from now on.


  1. Drew Says:

    Bloody Stylist designers 🙁

    (Drew needing to shout somewhere about a work mess and this being the only place that seemed convenient)

    Hi ya Mark,
    GNSH last weekend rocked and
    Yippeeeee LLX starts tonight…I need the dancing 🙂
    Take care
    * * Hugs * *

  2. Mark Says:

    OK I dont know what a stylist designer is, but Im honoured that you feel comfortable to come and rant here.

    As for LLX, all I can say is You Lucky Bastard!

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