Local Dance

dancers1 (22k image)

Here’s the best pic from the day of traditional local dancing I went to recently. Still photos just didn’t work because of the low light but I have some avi movies. They are large files and you have to turn the brightness up on them but they show clearly the crazy acrobatics these guys pull off.

Here’s a good one: spin.avi (5.3MB file)
Here’s another: dance.avi (5.8MB file)
Check those Air Steps!


  1. Drew Says:

    Charlston !!! whooo whooo
    Its been snowing today,
    then it was sunshine
    but now its hail 🙁
    I could really do with some hot weather


  2. Mung O'Bean Says:


    What kind of style/tradition is this, do you know?

    Those drums are MONSTA! 😀


  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Drew!

    I’d like to pick your brains about something ASAP if that’s OK, but I’d rather not broadcast what it is. 😎 (hint: 3rd floor of darwin building.)

    Could you email me, pixelfrenzy _at_ mungbean _dot_ net if you
    read this before Monday night (7th March)…?

    Many thanks!


  4. Tyg Says:

    OMG! They’re doing the tunble-dryer aerial! and CHARLESTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how cool is that 🙂 eeep! eeeppppp!!!

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