Poker attack

OK It seems I’m being abused by someone who wants to use this web site to advertise some sort of on line gambling. I have had a look and according to my software each of those bogus comments was posted from a different IP address so I can’t just add their host to the list of banned hosts that Greymatter software uses. So Im basically looking for suggestions from you guys about how to make it a bit more tricky for a brainless casino robot to post comments without discouraging bona fide commenters from leaving their thoughts.

Please leave your suggestions as comments on this entry, (unless you are selling on-line gambling 😛 )


  1. Raj Says:

    I’ve had a quick look 😉 and it seems to be spamming links to seems down – maybe it’s intended to be a Denial of Service attack on that server.

    Anyway (this is messy) is it possible to filter any new blog comments for keywords eg. "" and either bin or replace any web-references with white-space.

    This obviously only works for spam pointing to these servers, I don’t know if there is anything generic you can do 🙁

  2. Raj Says:

    Ok here is a Wiki comment about this issue :

  3. Raj Says:

    Ok a blog spam database (Might not work with greymatter tho)

    Sorry for the mutiple posts … does that count as blog spam :satisfied:

  4. Chris Says:

    Spambots are rife on the comments sections of unprotected Blogs. I’ve seen a couple of the blogs I read get riddled with this crap.

    Presumably Grey Matter have a patch for this which you should install sharpish (or disable comments).

    …Just what the world needs, eh?


  5. Mark Says:

    Raj, thanks for all that research. I learned a lot today, not least about captchas.

    I’ve downloaded a new version of the relevant perl script from the greymatter site. It has a ‘throttle’ to prevent too many comments in a short time, and a content check too.

    All I need to do is install it at…

    Except that its the same file that I hacked to add the recent comments list feature :doze:. So I’ll need to **patch** it before I upload. :confused:

  6. Drew Says:

    As of yesterday m is now a brit
    and I hand a quick coffee with someone on tuesday 🙂

    La santa swing starts today, I sooo wish I was there
    help….need sunshine

  7. Mark Says:

    Congratulaions Tigger, on your new citizenship.

    I also wish I was at La Santa, with Mad Rena and with Carla and Kevin. Its sunny here, Drew, when are you and M coming to visit?

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