Ping pong

Or more accurately, table tennis without a table.
tt (45k image)
I told you this Cisco training is turning us into a bunch of cabbages.

While on the subject of ping and pong, I sshed to the other day and pinged back to the firewall here at college. The average round-trip time for packets from Tala, Kenya to Haight Street, SF, USA was a little over two seconds! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, this means our Internet connection is very slow. Can’t believe that the US donor organisation has been charged thirteen hundred dollars per month for this. :doze:

I wonder if these resources are being used appropriately.


  1. Mark Says:

    Finally done with that bloody training. (at least until I decide to take the final final final certification exam).

    I’m shattered. And term starts next week. (and therein lies a tale I’m yet to tell)

    And now my mobile phone is doing strange heiroglyphics and looking like it might conk out at any point.


  2. veronica Says:

    Mr Mark,it was a very good idea of starting playing TT(new invention,playing without a table)there is no way guys could stay in class throughout without a rest.Anyway i hope you learnt alot! cheers 🙂

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