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dish (55k image)


  1. penny Says:

    hmmmmmmm, dishy!

  2. Chris Says:

    Does that really say "Kazi Paradise" on the blue and yellow door? Do they sell bathrooms?


  3. Mark Says:

    Kazi means work. I’ll have a look at the **big picture** (this one was cropped for the web) and see if there are other words in front of these.

  4. murage Says:

    Where was this snap taken from?which village?I hope i really works.By the way it could be a DSTV dish…the place is so deserted or you orderd the owners to vacate so that you can take the snap! :O

  5. Mark Says:

    The writing on the blue and yellow building says:

    "Baada Ya Kazi" (After work)

    "Riverside Bar Paradise"

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