Moon over Tala

Didn’t see the lunar eclipse, but caught this nice snap of the moon in the trees.
theMoon (42k image)


  1. Mark Says:

    I’ve got some more good news!

    I won’t be teaching this term!

    Well, not the students, anyway. I’ve not mentioned it here before for fear that the plan might get jinxed (sp?). Last term, when my students complained that they were not prepared for the exam because I had given them open book CAT tests and the exam would be closed book, I went to the Principal and asked her to get someone else to teach the student classes that I have been doing. This will leave me free to work with the staff and support them to teach those very classes that I have been teaching but which they do not feel confident with. The staff have been very positive about this plan, and the principal has also. Result (although it seems to have come about at the eleventh hour) is that someone is coming next week (week 2 of term) to take over my classes (Which haven’t started yet).

    I have mentioned this privately to a few of you and everyone I have told has said that they think its a good idea because:
    – I have not been happy wih the teaching
    – Its better for sustainability
    – Its better use of my time, especially since the staff are so keen.

    And keen they have been. Two of them have been working to create a timetable for me to work with them to help pass on some of the benefits of my own experience.

    Although one of my colleagues has said that she thinks I might be bored with "no teaching" this term, I think that’s not how it works. Somehow it’s shaping up to be a busy term. But I am much more enthusiastic about my role here now that everyone has worked together to get this other teacher to help out.

    So this should be a happy weekend… with this news and the fact that my sister and her husband is coming to visit! 🙂

  2. Tyg Says:

    Yay! What a BRILLIANT idea! YOu’ll now be teaching people who actually WANT to learn – theres a lot to be said about the teaching of teaching skills. Hope it all goes well m’dear …

    btw, was clearing out old e-mails and found a load from you from a couple of years ago (during my "Blue" period). Reminded me what a STAR you’ve always been to me (even introduced me to the best thing thats happened to me in my adult life!).

    Love you lots and good luck with your new status. 🙂

  3. Chris Says:

    Ah Tyg, that’s sweet 😀 I don’t think we’ve met, but I’ll be moving from Edinburgh to London over the summer so it’s possible!

    Mark: Brilliant news! I can tell how much better you feel just by reading this post. Excellent.

    Hooray for the weekend! Happy Beltane, May Day and Orthodox Easter to everyone! (delete as applicable)

  4. Tyg Says:

    Yay! I get to meet MORE of Mark’s friends! I have Mark’s copy of Garlic Daleks 😉 I know you’ve met Drew so its only TIME ….

    hehehe … Piggie, you sure know how to collect nice folk as friends!!!!!

  5. Lydia Says:

    Teaching people who are so keen for you to teach them that they create you a timetable AND more lovely visitors! Sounds like a fab new chapter!
    I LOVED the photos of the restaurant – what a splendid place!
    Tyg: I totally agree with you that he is an utterly twinkly twinkly star of the glitteriest order.
    Love, peace and hugs from my beautiful green English garden with its stellar magnolia slowly unfurling its blossoms, potted lavender and birdsong floating over the hedges. I am so overcome with the glories of nature that I may have to lie down. Anyone care to join me? (I may scratch but only bite when asked) :hehe:

  6. Mark Says:

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for all those wonderful compliments and good comments about my plan. Today is the first day of second week of term and I’m here, dressed smart, waiting for Bwana O, my replacement, to turn up so I can see what needs to be done to bring him up to speed and make sure the teaching starts … erm … only one week late rather than two.

    Jan and Steve are in the house, we spent yesterday treating mosquito nets, buying veg and entertaining visitors (i.e. making lots of cups of tea)

    Lydia, when I lived in cambridge, you might reacall, there was a huge magnolia tree in the front garden in front of my flat. It was beautiful. I can tell that spring is getting to you 😉

  7. steve Says:

    Great pictyure of the Moon -= though following on from the toilet seat I was expecting a very different sort of Moon – quite disappointed really! :confused:

  8. Mark Says:

    Here’s an update:
    I just interviewed a new teacher for C and JS and VB and web design. He’s starting tomorrow.

    Breathes huge sigh of relief!:hehe:

    Now I’m just off to take Steve and Jan back to Nairobi and when I return it will be "down to it" for a term of serious skills-building.

    Oh, I forgot, tomorrow is my VSO midpoint review meeting so I have a bit more fannying about to do first, but watch this space.

  9. Chris Says:

    Hooray for the huge sigh of relief!!

    Can we have some more activity on this blog please? I have marking to do and need some displacement activity! 😉

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