The Fridge Door

pot (11k image)
The college is currently applying for donor funds to rennovate its old dining hall which was built in 1967 on a limited budget. As part of that I went and took some photos of the place. This is one of them (full pic below). Im putting it here for no reason other than because I am proud of it. I imagined my mummy putting it on the fridge door with magnets. The difference between the kitchen of my childhood and this one could hardly be greater.

bwcook (87k image)


  1. Penny Says:

    That’s a really good photo! Was that with your little digital camera?

  2. Mark Says:

    Yup! It turns out to be very good for indoor shots with cross-light. Rubbish for shooting lion’s tonsils on the Mara and not much cop for fast moving things in a dark space, e.g. Dancers. (see next posting)

    Bit for this its gret. I made it black and white to get an idea how it would look when we printed it on the laser printer and I liked it so much I have put it up here on the fridge door.

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