Antigravity: An antidote to graveness?

Will’s comment on my previous entry lead, in directly to this one.

I knew I’d heard that “Obey gravity, it’s the law” quote somewhere before, but was too lazy to look for it in mid flow.

So I looked today, and found this tremendously entertaining article by an accomplished Unitarian Universalist physicist. I chuckled as I read it and was tempted to post a link to it in a comment after Will’s, but then I found this, nearly pissed my pants laughing, and knew I wanted to add more URLs than my comment throttle would allow. 😀


  1. Mark Says:

    I just found this:

    "If we are to lift Africa from her current circumstances, we will need a generation of learners that are gifted with curiosity about the world in which they live, and the tools to understand and shape that world"

    Mark Shuttleworth

  2. will Says:

    I am still laughing and falling off my chair reading the two articles. Get back to you later. hahaaa.

  3. will Says:

    how is your particular universe? Is uncle still around?

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