Three Quarters

Actually, I’ve past three quarters of the way: about 172 days left…

… but who’s counting?
calendar (72k image)


  1. Mark Says:

    OK, This picture was taken in July but I’ve just crossed off 19th August on the ‘live’ version on the wall in my living room.

  2. natty Says:

    so what are your plans for when you’re done?

  3. Mark Says:

    Munuve wondered if my days here have become unbearable. The truth is that I started crossing off days on this calendar back when I was getting disillusioned with teaching here. Since hen I’ve re-arranged my work and, for example, last term only taught one class of CISCO to students. I spent the rest of the time working with the staff who were so keen, when that plan was announced, that they made a timetable for me and we stuck to it all term.

    This term I’m teaching two modules on the IT course but I’m doing them in parallel with the teachers who will take over when I leave this is meant to be a confidence building exercise — I am quite sure of their ability to teach those subjects — and for them to hear some of my stories from working with this stuff, which experience is difficult to get here in Kenya at the moment.

    Looking back at some of those old pages about teaching here make me realise another great benefit of writing this blog. I can get a recall on my feelings back then when I was struggling to do my best in the classroom here. Looks like I was miles off the mark! But one has to start somewhere.

    Natty. I have some thoughts but I’m not yet ready to publish here.

  4. Jan Says:

    😀 Ok I have read and am up to date and I love the blog it has been a wonderfull thing to read when we missed you most.
    the land Y /blokart. are all waiting for you. the big one is now red… the little one doesnt need as much wind…
    and Today on the beach it was wonderfull no wind a wonderfull sunset and the tide out for miles and some surfers and some boats in fishing ,a huge green flash.and a feeling it is good to be hear.
    the weather hear at the moment [bearing it is the equivilent to Feb…UK] is like summer with sunny days and cooler in the evenings ..
    come any time. This weekend we went to Auckland to see the Ballet,another bloody ballet ! Dracula ,excellent put it on your must see list !!
    love and hungs steve and Jan xxx

  5. Mark Says:

    Dear Jan, I miss you too and I’m so glad you came to visit. Your quilt warms my heart when ever I come home. It’s made my house alltogether more welcomming.

    Is "Another bloody ballet" the name of it or your description?

    I Enjoyed my first experience of Sailing — on dry (well damp) land — and I’d love to come and try out that Blow-Kart. But I really don’t know when circumstances and finances will allow me to visit NZ again. Mind you, my friend David is moving to Perth so, maybe….?

  6. Lydia Says:

    It feels as though you’ve been away for an eternity!! I’ve been away for a few weeks, mostly sitting with my feet on lichen encrusted terracotta tiles gazing across a vista of cyprus and olive trees, reading Virginia Woolf and thinking – I needed to view my life from the outside for a bit, it was beginning to resemble an untidy ball of knitting wool! and I’m just getting up to speed with what’s been going on in your life, you’ve been looking at your life and yourself from the outside for quite a while now – is the ball of wool untangled yet? Hugs, squeezes and kisses L

  7. Jan Says:

    Yo Bro well another Bloody Ballet was how it was advertised !! I thought this very Kiwi funny..
    well you will always find the funds I am sure ..and you could also sail for real in Bay of Islands next time too.
    I am pleased about the quilt funny comforting things arnt they ?
    yes perth is cool too … miss you .. xxx hugs Jan

  8. Nic Says:

    I can recomend both the Bay of Islands and Perth, just make sure you swing past S/bush before you go anywhere else – it’s bin far too long!



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