It’s All Useless!

Or so this bycicle taxi pilot seems to believe…
It's All Useless!

Sometimes, teaching these young ladies, I think I know just how he feels.

Never mind, this is the first day of the last week of term; my last week teaching at this place. I absolutely won’t do it any more. At the end of this term I feel as if I have put a trememdous effort into teaching the ladies Javascript and Unix, they have changed their behaviour in class a bit, but very litle of what I have actually been teaching has sunk in. Now, with the exams looming large on the horizion (Javascript is on the first day of exams, next Tuesday) the only thing anyone can do is cram so that they can download. Pointless. I feel as if anyone who cannot pass from their own understanding alone, ought to fail. No college should be giving out certificates for memorising facts. But the University writes exams that allow just that: “Define the five major …, List the factors affecting…., explain three ….., differentiate between……”. A baboon with a biro and a cassette recorder could pass this shit. :plain:


  1. Chris Says:

    Well, we both know this happens in the UK too…

    great pic BTW!

  2. Joyce Says:

    It happens in China too, but of course they only constitute part of the exam paper. Memorising helps, but it certainly can not win you a good score without understanding the subject.

  3. James Ng'ang'a Says:

    I know how it feels, but anyway life has to go on somehow.
    I wish you and your class Success.

  4. Mark Says:

    The Javascript exam was yesterday. First question:

    Define the following terms:

    1. Javascript
    2. Cient-sdie Javascript

    Then later:

    Differentiate between applets and plug-ins.

    There was practically no programming in it at all. And completely nothing about scripting web pages, oh apart from “explain the concept of an image roll-over”. So my students called to me on their way to Mass “the jay ess exam was not bad”. Fine. They’ll pass.

    But what was the point?
    Whats the point of struggling to teach someone how to answer innane questions about the theory of a practical subject which, upon completing their study, they have absolutely no ability in at all (and im speaking from experiences with my tests and assignments which are more practically oriented).

    People ask me why I don’t want to extend here and work longer. This is the reason. It would eat my soul away. There needs to be action at another level and I am powerless to start it in my current capacity.

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