All singing, all dancing

Work on the all-new blog is moving on apace:

  • WordPress is installed and running.
  • A new version of the home page has been built using PHP rather than Perl and server-side includes.
  • The new home page uses WordPress’ RSS feeds to fetch the latest blog entry and comments.

Yet to do:

  • Switch servers
  • Temporarily use redirection to the new server until the server switch comes off
  • Import the old Greymatter entries into WordPress and make the Image URLs work
  • Create a new “Recent Comments” page

Watch this space


  1. Mark Says:

    Looks like there is something else yet to do with the stylesheet as this entry doesnt have bullets when viewed from the archive page.

  2. Someone Says:

    What can I tell ya?

  3. The Engineer Says:

    Testing testing 1234

  4. Engineer Says:

    On the new home page, the three most recent comments appear in the wrong order. They are now taken from the RSS feed for the site which has a already sorted them to most recent first. But my code reverses them so that neess to be re-reversed.

  5. Mark Says:

    I’m 😀 just so happy that WordPress managed to import all my old blog entries from Greymatter! Hooray for the folk who put all their effort into writing this stuff! I expect that some of the old photo sets like the safari and so on will have lost their pics because they weren’t in the usual place, but all the normal pics have transferred properly too. I’ll fix the others with some Javascript BandAid once we get the domain sorted to point to the new server.

    In case anyone’s interested, the old Greymatter blog was also hosted at, but on a different server. The old server didnt have PHP and Mysql which WordPress needs, so we have had to switch machines to get this working. Now we just need the domain to point at ‘ogham’ and we’re set. When that happens, there might be temporary issues with my email addresses at that domain, but its better if you contact me via my gmail account anyway.

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