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  1. Tyg Says:

    Hello! I got here!!!! Just to say that I DO MEAN to reply to your long letter, and the one you sent last week – promise will do, but it will take a little while as my MUM has just arrived and is staying for 3 weeks … EEEEEEEEEPP!!! 8)


  2. Lydia Spider Says:

    Dear Mark
    we got redirected here. This is Mel – she thinks you are rather nice – 12/10. Do you do pictures?
    Mel saw you when she was driving down Station Road two years ago. And she nearly crashed the car and her daughter was late for school. Put it this way, Aelvric, she thought heellooo! When you get back to the UK you are most welcome in Cambridge. Yes we are jolly and Mel is up for you!! That says it all. She also says that she is quite old and in need of plastic surgery (dies laughing over keyboard) size 24 blue eyes with ginger highlights (NOT REALLY). SHe would like to see you with YOUR KIT OFF. Urgent reply requested. Yes it is a vodka moment Yes she does a very bad lancashire accent. Yes she fancies you. I feel I may regret this posting in the morning!!! Love and xxxxs Lydia :7

  3. Mark Says:

    Oh, how I love Vodka moments! X)

  4. Raj. Says:

    Hi I’m reading from here as well, .. still being re-directed via Ogham though.

    I just noticed your “bod” with the binoculars – l – most fell over laughing, the other ones waving their arms around look rather innocent ….., either that or it’s my warped imagination 😉

  5. Lydia Says:

    How do I email you? Is it the same? Mel and Sandra and I had a fabulous night out but had toast and grapefruit squash instead of chips at the end which was a bit disappointing but the queue at the Van of Life was very very long. I’m going out for a proper grown up dinner tonight which will be nice but there’s something about chips out of a paper bag that I rather like. I also have a weakness for dancing in tacky nightclubs which is a bit frowned upon by some of the people I know in cambridge. I think its something to do with going out to birkenhead as a teenager. Anyway am tech queen – bought a 3G phone that is an mp3 player and a camera and all kinds of snazzy things – I was saving up for a dishwasher but hey.. Oh and I had a “professional dyke” haircut!! Tell me how you are honey!!xxx

  6. jan Says:

    HI we have just read your last few entries …. we are not at all suprised and.. we were wordless …
    the parcel thing and all… doesnt get any better does it ?
    did you get yoiur other parcel then ?/ dare I ask ???? some books ..??? love Jan and Steve ..

  7. James Ng'ang'a Says:

    I was just looking at your weblog.
    Am at Kenya School of Monetary Studies doing a sampling course.
    We are being taught by an american who is not giving us a break. As I write this mail I have to keep checking or else he may catch up with me on the net and kick me out. Missing you guys like crazy.
    By the way does the HRC web operate? I’ll try to check after this.
    Have a wonderful time.

  8. Mark Says:

    Lydia, Best way to email me is to use my name on this website at gmail dot com. Basically all old addresses should still work for the moment.

    I hope a professional dyke haircut doesn’t mean you have shortened your mane!

    Jan, Im afraid those books you sent have not shown up at all. not a trace and since then I have had parcels from Cad and Mungbean which I know were posted since you sent yours. Maybe its a australasia thing…? 0)

    James, now you behave like our students! We miss you too. I ve a story from college to post here soon so I hope you are still reading (and still getting on with your work).

  9. James Ng'ang'a Says:

    Friday is my last day here and will be back to my office on Monday next week.

    Am learning some package called Imps and we are concentrating on the CENVAR part of it. It is an interesting software which calculates all that you would require on statistics in a survey. I like it very much and am moving very fast untill the teacher has to slow me down so that the rest can catch up with me. Am even assisting those who are stuck.

    I will check at your weblog in the afternoon to see what you’ve got in store on that story. I like reading those stories you write. They are good.

  10. Helen&Ollie Says:

    Hi Mark – we made it this far. Happy New Year!!!
    The Christmas decorations are down and our new little home looks a bit bare without them. Edging our way into 2006 – hoping for lots of dancing, work and excitement to come along. Talking of excitement – can’t believe you’ll be home soon. We’ve missed you. When exactly do you get back?

    Lots of love xxx

  11. Susan Msalila Says:

    You don’t know me, but I am a long time confirmed user of MozBar – I just don’t know where to get it anymore. Am going to Tanzania with my (tanzanian) husband and our one year old twin daughters in May, so would love to track some down,

    Regards, Susan

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