[Kukunet label] This is the label from a roll of chicken wire. Since our ISP is UUNet, this always makes me laugh.

I kept it for some time and then used it in this project:
[In The Making]

I was building this thing:
Networking Cable Demonstrator
Through the help of Chris and Cad, and of a local man in Tala who used to work in Goonhilly as a networking engineer, I have managed to assemble a small collection of network cable samples. They are, from left to right:

  1. Some kind of thick coax with a screw connector. Not real thick Ethernet but something similar that I picked up on a visit to UUNet Kenya
  2. Loose bundle fibre optic cable with four fibres
  3. Unshielded twisted pair cable: four pairs of wires with an RJ45 connector
  4. Shielded twisted pair cable: four pairs and a layer of foil shielding under the outer cladding
  5. Wireless! X)
  6. Thin Ethernet coaxial screened cable


  1. Nic Says:

    wireless! he he… i’m easily amused today!

    just caught up with your blogg, all this work stuff keeps getting in the way my fun 🙁 anyway hoping to put that right with a trip Kew Gardens on saturday 😀

    hugest hugs


  2. Tony Says:

    If number 1 isn’t thick ethernet it could be a crimped N-Type male connector on shielded RG214 cable.

  3. Mark Says:

    Hi Tony, thanks for this. I never though I’d find out what that stuff was. What is it used for?
    And thanks for reminding me that this entry exists at all, I’d quite forgotten that I ever even made this ting.

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