The Smile exchange rate

Some people are so mean; they’ll give you a look but won’t return your smile.

On the way to Richmond yesterday, to visit my friends at 7irene (where I used to work); I was in a good mood — as usual these days — and smiled at a lady coming the other way as I crossed Richmond Bridge because she seemed to be watching me.

She continued to look.

I continued to smile.

The man behind her smiled back.

So far, so good. I went into my former workplace and had a lovely lunch with good friends, most of whom have lived in South Africa who asked questions about my time in Kenya that I felt comfortable responding to. Back at the office, after lunch, I was introduced to the new director who had been out when I first arrived.

“Yes, we’ve met;”, he surprised me, “you smiled at me as you were crossing the bridge.”

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  1. Nic Says:

    Yay there should be more smiling in the world, I am apt to smile at random people (I think that is a sypmtom of being an old ex clubber!) It is always nice to get a big smile from someone unexpected



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