Germany and France

Christine says there’s too much fluff and not enough content here. I kinda forgot that some of you who read this are not in the UK. To make it up to you, here is a little content.

A few weeks ago I went to Bonn in Germany to AOSD06 — a conference in the kind of technology I studied for my PhD — to see if I would meet anyone would could help me find a job. That was a very interesting trip and I met lots of interesting people. Some of them had leads for job hunting, other made me feel good because they knew my name through my few publications in the field. I fumbled the arrangements for that trip and discovered on the morning of Saturday, when I was on the way to the airport, that I’d booked my return flight for Friday! That was a lesson. Lufthansa wanted €450 for a single to London. Thankfully German Wings had one for €80 that left in the evening, so I had a day out in Cologne as a bonus and went to the Lindt chocolate museum.
One of the interesting people I met at the conference works at a research institute in Rennes, France. I’m off there this week to view their project, and the town, and decide whether I could work there.

Another interview in London when I get back, so it’s an action-packed week.


  1. Lydia Says:

    Good to see you packing in the action! Car lights fully functioning if you need chauffeur service at some point.
    Hope you find the next adventure!

  2. Raj Says:


    Whats with the travelling – have you got tthe “bug” or something – you’ve just got back to Blighty and you’re already looking for the next trip (or are job prospects so bad over here).

    Mind you there *is* a bit of envy on my tone !!

    So you are not thinking of doing any more teaching (or training) ?

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