Images of Rennes

I just ordered lunch; in French!

It’s suprising how much I can remember of the little I have. French, that is, not lunch.

The is one of the prettiest i’ve seen, with the most quirky architecture. I’m here on a sunny day, too, though people tell me it rains a lot. If I were to move here I think my biggest problem would be making friends, because of the language thing, especially during the initial transition period. But I definitely could live here.

Tumbledown houses in Rennes

The hot chocolate I had in Waterloo Station came in a pail; I wasn’t sure whether to drink it or dive in. The one that was just delivered to my table out here at a street-cafe in Rennes is like a brown espresso. At least supersize culture hasn’t hit yet.

And the sandwich they just brought me has my chips inside! No wonder the British have such a poor culinary reputation over here. I thought I’d ordered a hot chicken sandwich with side of fries…

. o O ( such a strange accent, he must be british )

. o O ( put his chips inside his baguette, Veronique, they like that sort of thing over there )

As soon as I started eating my chicken-and-chip butty, I started to choke. I entered the shop with tears running down my cheeks and convulsing violently and pointing at the taps:

“Oh! oh! oh!”




  1. Mark Says:

    This entry is called Images of Rennes partly becauseof the sketch. I took my sketch book (in which I wrote the above) and managed to spend an hour on Wednesday morning sketching the amazing old wood-frame houses which lean up against one another like drunk soldiers trying unsucessfully to stand to attention. If I get near a scanner, one day…

    I’d propped myself against a big piece of street furniture to draw and when I finally moved away the muscles in my back had gone into spasm causing me to stagger and limp a bit, like a drunk soldier perhaps.

  2. Mark Says:

    The saddest thing about my French is that despite how rubbish I am at it, it is still the foreign language that I speak and understand best of all. 🙁

  3. Marc Says:

    Hey man, even if you don’t manage to speak french, I could manage to show you some famous places in Rennes. And don’t forget that Rennes is a multi-cultural city with a lot of english guys.
    Next time you’ll come, instead of having a pint of Guiness, we will taste some french food (and not this sandwich that you have tasted with chips inside that we call “American sandwich”!!)
    Anyway, hope you envoy your stay and I really like your picture of Rennes architecture.

  4. Nic Says:

    Soooooo have you got any closer to a descision about the jobs??

  5. Mark Says:

    Yeah, Nic, I have accepted it. Watch out for many more images of this town in future months.

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