Je suis arrivé

Chris asked for some google map references in his comment on yesterday’s entry.

Work is here; well actually just North of that white curvey building where the grassy patch is, in a block that wasn’t built when the aerial photo was taken.

And I’m staying here, just to the left of that marker. This morning I got up early and went running out beyond the ring-road which was nice. There are fields of corn and the occasional cow. It’s half an hour by bus to the campus.

I went running for exercise because I didn’t get any last night. I went, for the second time, to the place where Dojo-Dance lindy hop lessons are supposed to be held and, for the second time, it was closed. I called the guy today — anyone impressed that I’m calling people in French? — and he told me the classes are, like the rest of the city of Rennes, closed for the summer. Apparently this place gets very quiet in August as everyone leaves for vacations and those who are left behind also leave for the coast when they can (leavig only those who are left when everyone has left twice over). Luckily there is an arts festival on in Rennes this week so I will have something to look out for on saturday — the first weekend in a strange place can be lonley: I know, I’ve done it enough.


  1. Nic Says:

    Good to see where you are! hope the arts festival is fun and keeps you entertained

    biggest of hugs

    nic x

  2. mungbean Says:

    Re: the Festival – Senor Coconut on 8th (free) might be a larf…

    I’m VERY impressed that you’re phoning people in French! Used to take me all day to pluck up courage to do that, even doing a flipping A-level in it.

    BTW the first google maps link is borked.

  3. Tereneh Says:

    So what I want to know is on the scale of Tala being out there with nothing to do (for real for real) and London or NYC being crazy too much – so where is Rennes on the scale that is? August is slow in France anyway I guess but will you be bored out of your mind? Anyway seems cool.

    And yes I am impressed you are calling folks in French too. People get confused with me when I speak my American English.


  4. Mark Says:

    Thanks for that, Mungbean, I have not fixed the first link, try again, my home is the building just to the left of the marker.

    Tereneh, Ive not been here long enough to know for sure but there is much more than Tala going on. In Tala there were bars but it just wasn’t a good idea for me to go them. I stayed at home by choice. So far I have been staying at home by choice here, in fact I have visited the supermarket every evening for something – and agian this morning for a lunch box and Soy Sauce — and just making myself content at home in this temporary place. It doesn’t even feel as small now as it did when I first arrived. But there will come a time when I venture out in the evenings and I’ll tell you about it here. But Rennes is less dangerous than Tala for a mzungu like me.

  5. Tereneh Says:

    Well as long as their is joy everyday.

  6. Tereneh Says:

    I meant to say there not their. I always mess that up.

  7. mungbean Says:

    Woo, google maps has a spiffy new zoom feature! (When you click on the + or – on the zoom control. Oooh, it even works with the mouse scrollwheel! formidable!).

    Actually it makes me feel a bit dizzy. 😛

    If you go directly north from Rennes until you hit the sea, right there in
    that U-shaped bit of coast is Mont St Michel, which is the french equivalent of St Michel’s mount in the UK (in fact, I think they’re opposite each other and are linked in mythology). Not sure how long it would take to get there, but worth a visit if it’s not too far – very atmospheric. I think it was featured in some famous 60s movie by Truffaut or one of those fellas.

    Mungo x

  8. Mark Says:

    What zoom feature? It zooms like it always did for me.

    Mont St Michel, eh, maybe that’s where we should go on the median of our 41st birthdays, remember that? (What’s the data again?)

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