Here are some numbers…

In case you fancy calling or texting me while I’m here.

Mobile: +33 698 56 18 03

Work: +33 299 84 72 81

Home: +33 256 03 84 37


  1. Zorka Says:


    Errr congrats?

  2. mungbean Says:

    It’s… moreFunToCompute
    (naaaaa na!)

    Ein Zwei Drei Fier Fuenf Sechs Seben Acht

    Un, Deu…… Troi

  3. Mark Says:

    No new postings for the moment as all my days seem to be spent looking for an appartment to live in. Its a university town and everyone says they know how hard it is to find somewhere. In fact I think I have found a good one, the one last night was nice and the one this morning was even better. Since I have three or four more arranged to view this afternoon, I confidently hope I will have something sorted by tomorrow.

    One effect of all this is that I have been doing a lot of bluffer French, including speaking on my mobile in the street which is the hardest conversation so far. Well the hardest didn’t happen, one of the estate agents called and left a message on my mobile voice mail. Not only could I not make out the digit pairs of her hurriedly left phone number, but neither coul d I make out the instructions from the recorded message lady — surely they should speak clearly and slowly, of all people? — so I lost the message and as a consequence waited for 10 minutes for nobody to show up at Place Varsovie this morning. But that agent called back later this morning and asked if I was going to make the revised appointment at 12. It’s so much easier when you can say ‘Encore lentement s’il vous plait’ (Mungbean, if thats not spelt right, you know what to do). So I will see it this afternoon at 3.30 — arranged without a word of English being spoken by either party, and possibly no correct words of French spoken by one party, on a mobile while walking into the Universtiy just now.

  4. mungbean Says:


    The spelling is perfect BTW, sounds like you’re making great progress – with the language if not with finding a place. Shame your employer couldn’t do something on your behalf – IIRC when you where in Brussels IBM sorted it all out for you, n’est-ce pas?

    I should be packing – off on tour with ODS tomorrow. Milton Keynes – London – Norwich – Salisbury in 4 days in a our newly-acquired 2nd-hand ex-police riot van! (Should be a riot, then!). has the gig dates and everything. Hope Penny comes to see us in Norwich?

    We have a couple of days off to chill (probably in Cambridge) – and do some washing! (they never include that stuff in on-the-road-with-band documentaries, do they?), then we’re off to the Pflasterspektakel street arts festival in Austria. I fully expect there will be jongleurs and manipulators there who know you and Drew. 😉

    Best of luck with the flat hunting – Bonne Chance!

    Mungo x

  5. Mark Says:

    Thanks Mr. Actually there is progress with flat hunting, more of that here later.

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