Les week-ends

I’ve kinda forgotten to mention a couple of cool things I’ve done at the weekend since I got here:

  • Last weekend I borrowed a bike, from Jim at work (thanks Jim!), and went to Saint-Germain-sur-Ille. Not because I wanted to visit that village, but because, as you can see if you look to the left of the roads in the map, there is a canal going all the way there. Zoom in and you can see how nice it is on a sunny day. I took a packed lunch and ate it on a jetty over the canal, under the shade of a willow tree watching the Water Boatmen. I didn’t go any further because, quite apart from the problems of adjusting to another man’s saddle, the handlebars came loose! This is a serious impedement to cycling so I asked everyone I met until I found a fellow cyclist with a set of Allen Keys which, thanks to my time biking in Brussels, I know how to ask for in French.
  • The weekend before I went dancing! There is Lindy Hop in Rennes but its closed for the summer. Not something London would understand, but I am slowly adjusting to the idea. The guy in charge there put me in touch with this club in Nantes who were having a soiree that saturday. The guy there arranged someone to put me up for the night and down I went on the train to Nantes. Great evening, lots of fun; very hot, not enough T-shirts! Special thanks to Jean-Luc for welcoming me into his home.
  • In case you’re wondering, my plan for the upcoming weekend is to do my laundry.


  1. Raj Says:

    Go on then, tell us (your eager readers) how you ask for a set of allen keys in French 😛 … I’ve gone all sort of Terry Wogan !

  2. Mark Says:

    “les clefs d’Allen”

    Man! I don’t know how to SPELL this stuff. 😕

  3. sheila Says:

    Hi mark, sorry i didnt get to see you before you fled these shores. Glad to hear you have a job. How long you in France for, or dont you know. I am afraid i dont find blogs easy to work out so i hope you are reading this one day. Take care

  4. Mark Says:

    Sheila, of course Im reading it.

    I expect to be living and working here for 18 months but, of course, I’ll be back a lot more often that I was from Kenya.

    I tried to SMS Katie in Tala when I got my new French mobile SIM but guess what: I chose the company who don’t have an “agreement’ with Kenyan operators so my SMSs don’t get through to her. Meanwhile she has seen my new numbers on this site and sent SMSs to me, so now it looks like I’m ignoring her. Katie, if you’re reading this, I’m not ignoring you, read your email! 8)

  5. Shelley Says:

    Hello you.

    Good to know you are getting along so well. Things are ticking along just the same at home…except that I’m not at home I’m in Banda Aceh. My work here is mostly done and we (me and my colleague) are heading to Pula Weh, a small island where I am promised a weekend of peace, quiet, wonderful snorkelling, liberal dress code (relatively of course) and cold beer that you don’t have to drink in secret.

    I saw a huge manta ray today (I think thats what its called – big round flat grey spotted fish type creature?)…..on the back of a bicycle that was holding us up.

    Katie, if you are there, hello from me too. Hope you are staying sane out there.

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