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Here’s an idea for a Firefox plugin, in case I ever find myself with the time and inclination to write such a thing…So many sites have black text on a white background. It makes my eyes ache to read a lot of text like that — I have just been reading today’s Guardian article about Bill Gates in Africa — I get little super-white shadows around the letters, even with antialiasing turned on.

I read somewhere that coloured paper is something that sometimes helps Dyslexics to read and I have read in numerous sources that designers of web pages should use lower screen contrast for large blocks of text if they don’t want their readers to bugger off and watch So I did Edit | Preferences | General | Fonts and Colors; changed my foreground and background  colours and checked Always use my Colors:
Firefox color preferences

It works; the rest of the article was much easier to erad.

But it’s a bit too much:
Low Contrast Gmail
So I want a plugin that gives me a button on the tool bar that I can click and then click on an area of the page and either that element or all elements with the same class switch to my selected colours. Ideally it should be able to remember sites and element classes too so I don’t have to do it over and over again when reading the news or my email.


  1. Mark Says:

    By the way, the text on is gray, not black. 0)

  2. mungbean Says:

    Can’t you do this with stylesheets? I seem to remember that Opera had a personal-vs-site CSS selector switch somewhere, so maybe Firefox does too.

  3. Mark Says:

    Yeah, if you have a stylesheet for the page, it’s under View | Page Style. The trick is being able to quickly hack up a modified stylesheet for a page which is mostly the same as the original one but with certain regions switched to my choice of foreground and background colours. All the gubbins to do this is there in the web developer plugin. What I want is a convenient way of doing it with a few mouse clikcs rather than hacking css. And possibly the ability to say : do this for all pages from the guardian, or the bbc news or whatever. I might have a go at writing it one day now im here with a laptop on loan from work.

  4. mungbean Says:

    Might be worth trying Greasemonkey for this?

  5. Mark Says:

    Fab! Didn’t know about that!
    Looks like just the tool! Thanks

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