Covariance and contravariance

When I go down to coffee with my French speeking colleagues, I try to follow their conversations. I’m not very good at it yet.  The easiest ones for me are those that involve my Australian colleague who speaks French slightly slower and, I guess, with a different accent, from the locals. I followed his comparison of alternative routes for getting from Rennes to Bath thanks to elloquent hand gestures (Rennes – Paris, Paris – Dublin, Dubiln – Bristol) and the fact that I had heard it before in English. The orher one was  about some hair-raising computer science that I once used to teach.
I picked up the keys to my new appartment on wednesday and I will move in tomorrow. For a few days I’ll be sleeping on the floor, but after that I have a great plan: back to London on Thursday (Rennes – Southampton, Southampton – Waterloo, Waterloo – Shepherd’s Bush), then, on Friday, Nic and I are off to The Big Chill. After the weekend my brother will meet us in his car with my bike and other luggage and the three of us are booked on a ferry crossing on 8 August (Stansted – Portsmouth, Portsmouth – Caen, Caen – Rennes) for a few days holiday/home-making.


  1. mungbean Says:

    Big Chill will be fun I’m sure… Apparently they’re about to open “The Big Chill House” next to King’s Cross. From looking at the satellite pictures on Google Maps, it appears that this might be the old Scala cinema?

  2. mungbean Says:

    Guess I should’ve included this:

    The Big Chill House
    257-259 Pentonville Road
    King’s Cross
    London N1 9NL,-0.120683&spn=0.001445,0.005359&t=h&om=1

    Free Entry
    Food available 12noon – 9pm in the Dining room or outdoor Terrace
    Bar snacks after 9pm

    Monday-Wednesday 11am -Midnight
    Thursday 11am -1am
    Friday 11am – 4.00am
    Saturday 12noon – 4.00am
    Sunday 12noon – Midnight

  3. Tyg Says:


    festival time … cool … We had a great one at EJC. Piccies now up at flickr/photos/drewandmithi Take pics of Chillin and show us 🙂

    much hugs

  4. Mark Says:

    I have observed your photos of juggling and enjoyed them muchly.
    Do you think I should be taking a bag of pegs to the Big Chill?

  5. mungbean Says:

    Hey Drew. Is that Rob and Viv from Solar in the pix? I met them at Pflasterspektakel in Austria a couple of weeks ago – I was playing there with ODS.

    Rob was there too, in fine form – as you would be touring round living in a bus with two lovely ladies. 😉

  6. Nic Says:

    Oooo pretty pictures, hello Dew and Mithi *wave*

    Mark – pegs are entirely at your own discretion, but i’ll be bringing bubbles and a camera…


  7. Mark Says:

    Yay Bubbles!

  8. Tyg Says:

    PEGS! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    (to Nic – WAVEWAVEWAVE)

    A PEG is a HUG
    1. They must be applied surrepticiously (ideally directly to pieces of worn clothing – pegging someone’s luggage is a bit of a cheat)
    2. If you’ve been pegged – pass it on!

    Love and pegs

  9. Drew Says:

    Have fun pegging at the big chill 🙂

    Dancing’s just a conversation between two people. Talk to me.
    –Hope Floats

    A man who dances has his choice of romances

    Mung bean: yes, 2 fine young ladies they are too 🙂
    what is this big chill house of which you speak, and can we come with you?

  10. Mark Says:

    I went to Champion last night but they only had plastic ones. It didn’t seem right.

  11. Tyg Says:

    you might find this entertaining:

  12. Mark Says:

    I write an entry entitled Covariance and contravariance and it ends up with the longest comment trail in history (those who ignore history are doomed to fabricate it)

    Thats a yellow plastic peg on an ornage air steward. **Sigh**, I guess I’ve no choice now.

  13. Nic Says:

    Drew – haven’t been to the Big Chill House but I can recomend the big chill bar, tis off of brick lane, has good music, nice food and is er.. chilled (apart fromwhen it is really busy!)

    I don’t know much about this Covariance of which you speak…. now where did i put those pegs..

  14. mungbean Says:

    Big Chill House isn’t actually open yet (opening 17th August), but when it is I presume it’s going to be a club of some kind. I expect it will get very busy too, since it’s right next to Kings Cross…

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