On Saturday I moved into my new appartment; more on that later. On Sunday I went to visit my new Spanish friends for Paella and a lovely long afternoon of talking, lauging, playing cards and even some dancing…

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Sangria, wine and whisky.


  1. mungbean Says:

    Nice pic! So who are the new Spanish friends – the workmates you were telling me about?

  2. Mark Says:

    Exactly. Diego, Me, Cristina and Sagar (posing as Jean-Claude Van Damme)

  3. christine yambu of hrc-kenya Says:

    hi there! what a nice pic?
    it looks like life is great there.
    but do you still remember your kenyan friends?
    we really miss u.
    say hi to those guys, they are really great.

  4. dominic Says:

    i follow you movement with a religiuos zeal. when do you dropp me a line. man you can live life

  5. Marc Says:

    didn’t hear from you since a while…..
    Hope your stay in Rennes is ok and hope to see you for jungling…!!!

  6. Veronicah Says:

    wauuuu….. looking great in that photo,greetings from kenyan buddies.

  7. Veronicah Says:

    if u were here,you could have had……you remember the kenyan brands?tursker,pilsner,guiness,smirnoff ice,Amarula,Sambuca………

  8. Mark Says:

    Thanks Vero!
    Yeah of course I remember those brands. Not to forget Stoney Tangawizi!

    quote from a Wikipedia page on the drink:

    Stoney tangawizi is a soft drink sold in parts of Africa. […] It is sold in a brown bottle. The drink has an intense ginger flavor and gives the consumer a sensation in the mouth. This sensation can often be too much for foreign visitors to handle.

    Bitterjug says: one might say the same for Kumi kumi.

  9. Dustbin Says:

    at last katie has shown up in my mail and she is ok. i can see you are really in chang’aa (kumu kumi) it might have been a good perty with take one for the way.

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