Big Chill

This is where I was, erm, a couple of weekends ago. Doesn’t time fly when you are away from the Internet? This post is mostly photos…

Pics taken with Nic’s camera, some I took and some she took.If you like these take a look at the full set on flickr.


Is that a tent with a windmill on the top? Yes? It must be ours then!


Did someone give that woman a bubble gun?


Now look what she’s gone and done. OK let’s go see what’s on the stage.


Nic’s fab pic of Nizlopi

The Big Chill

Nice wheels, I coudl stay here till it gets dark


OOh, that’s nice.


Look at all the pretty lights. (No, I didn’t take any drugs)


Big floaty glowing balls. Is this an episode of the prisoner?


Oh they’re still here. Maybe they’re really big eggs. Maybe I should get over to the Body and soul area.


That’s pretty too.  Are those more floating balls over there?


No, more bubbles.


This actually IS a floating glowing ball, not the sun.


Bet that makes your bum sweatty!

We didn’t take any pegs but someone clearly did!


  1. Nic Says:

    YAY for flowers, bubbles and all things sparkly!!

  2. Mark Says:

    Yay indeed!
    I should point out that nobody did *give* that bubble gun to Nic, It’s her own!

  3. Katie Says:

    HI!!! I’m back in Denver (kinda). Hooray (I think)! I just got a new cell phone and thought it was really cool until I saw that bubble gun. That’s the height of technology as far as I’m concerned.
    So I’m back home and alive and well. The last month’s been crazy but now sitting on the back porch of my dad’s house on a beautiful afternoon with my step-mom’s laptop. Unfortunately, it’s for her office and has all sorts of security restrictions so I can’t check my email on it. It let me on your site though!! It’s great to see pics and read your blog and I will email later this week when I’m back at my mom’s. At their ridiculously gorgeous mountain “cabin” (read: mansion), I can use their “spare” computer and wireless internet at any time. As I said, ridiculous. A far cry from Tala. I had so much computer work to finish before I left Tala that I borrowed Mutua’s laptop. People actually thought it was my luggage. And now I have this really light comp resting comfortably in my lap. It seems like this is turning into one of my long bumbling emails, so I’m gonna stop and save it for later. I miss you!
    If by the slim chance shelley is reading this, HI!! and I hope you’re doing great. I’ve gotta admit I have no idea where Banda Aceh is, but I’m about to look it up…

  4. Mark Says:

    Hi Babe
    I’m so glad to hear from you. Odd that someone thinks is safer that your emails! Im looking forward to them. Right now just happy to hear your voice. 😀

  5. Shelley Says:

    Hey Katy

    Glad you made it out of Tala alive and seemingly sane. Congratulations. You take care of yourself and don’t disappear. See you somewhere else.


  6. Veronicah Says:

    hi Mark,just saying hi,i see life aint bad for u,u really having some great time.keep it up men!

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