Where’s he gone?

In case anyone is wondering about me…Here’s my weekend plan:

It all starts Friday: fly Southampton tomorrow lunchtime, drive to london. Heidi and Ian’s Wedding Saturday. Take Mithi to Norfolk on Sunday and visit Penny, Then to Lowestoft. Back to london on monday, back to Rennes at the crack of dawn on Tuesday, call in work to pick up tickets and laptop, then off to Frankfurt Tuesday afternoon for two day meeting, returning to Rennes late thursday evening.
Which brings us back to Doe


  1. mungbean Says:

    Phew, that’s quite a week! Makes my impending travels look pale by comparison… (not that it’s a competition or anything).

    Saturday & Sunday – gigs with ODS at Edinburgh Mela
    Monday – gig with ODS in Glasgow
    Tuesday a.m. – train Edinburgh to London, view flats
    Weds lunch – making film with RCA researcher, see student support advisor, view more flats
    Thurs – view more flats (hopefully not), fly to Girona nr. Barcelona to meet ODS
    Friday – playing a full moon party somewhere in the Pyrenees 😀
    Saturday – gig at Fiesta de Olot, Catalunya
    Sunday – day off! (I think)
    Monday – fly back to London
    Tuesday – move into flat that I allegedly will have found by then!

    And somewhere amongst that lot I’m trying to apply for a loan to fund my 2nd year at college and do some reading for my dissertation that has to be handed in first week of term… uuuuaaarrrggghhhhh!!! 😛

  2. Mark Says:

    Good use of smilies!
    If it *were* a competition, you’d win. ;7

  3. mungbean Says:

    It’s NOT a competition.

    And anyway, I’m FAR less competitive than you. #8)

    Oh yes I am.

  4. Mark Says:

    I wonder why that smiley came out with some of its HTMl showing.
    *sigh* more things to fix

  5. mungbean Says:

    Prolly a mis-matched quote…?

  6. Mark Says:

    its the ALT text, I think the hash might have buggered it up somehow. 😐 sigh

  7. mungbean Says:

    Why would you want alt text of for an emoticon? it’s meant to be for clients that don’t display the graphics (e.g. turned off, or blind user using screen reader)… so it would make more sense to be the ASCII version of the smiley.

  8. Mark Says:

    it IS the ASCII version of the smiley. Ths ascii version of Groucho there is hash, eight, close-paren. Now why shouldn’t that work? #8)

    Ah! It’s supposed to be the ascii version of the smiley. I can see that some characters
    are getting left out.  OK I need to look at my smiley package and the control file for it but that will have to wait till I get bloody Internet at home.

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