Photos from the impure land

Franck took this. He took it with his mobile-phone and sent it to me with Bluetooth. I think it’s jolly clever.
You Will Obey My Rear-Lamp The original image was 1024×1280 resolution and its quite sharp, not bad for a telephone. Oh he just did it again. They pop up on my computer now without me having to do anything.
Get on with your work
Ok the novelty is starting to wear off now.


  1. Nic Says:

    it looks you are holding some kind of shiny alien… or maybe your bike lamp

  2. mungbean Says:

    How come they just “pop up” on your computer…?

  3. Mark Says:

    It’s a lump of that stuff that makes Superman go all weak-at-the-knees. I forget what that’s called.

    KDE Bluetooth support: First time it said BlahBlahBlah is trying to access service Blah: Allow or Deny, and there was a ‘remember my decision’ box of some sort. Then for each transfer it pops up the downoad window, downloads it in its entirety and then asks me if I want to ‘receive’ it. If I say not, it discards it.

  4. Mark Says:

    Isn’t it called Crap-Tonight or something?

    Kryptonite is supposed to glow green, this one’s red. Perhaps its Chickentonite, which occupies a different position on the Periodic Dining Table.

  5. Tyg Says:

    uuuu … pretty light … looks like its hovering between your fingers …

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