Nouvel appareil

Yeah, I finally bought myself a camera. Here are some more experiments from the weekend in Paris.



I don’t know who they are, I wanted to try out the ‘sports’ and ‘motion’ options on the Kodak.

Also took Christmas lights:


The cunning two-lense system means I can take things really close like this poster on the Metro.


And really quite far away, like these kids making a movie in the railway station who had no idea I was filming them filming each other.


  1. Tyg Says:

    woo hoo funky camera – what make and model?

  2. Tyg Says:

    OOPs! “camera” link tells me what it is … DOH! ….

    uuuuuu… new bitterjug banner/logo as well. I like!

  3. Richard Says:

    Oooo. Fancy.

    Still shooting 35mm celluloid, me.

  4. mungbean Says:

    bluetooth as well, eh? Hope to see you making good use of your flickr account then! 😉

  5. Mark Says:

    Um, yeah, I forgot I had that until recently.
    The bluetooth works great with Franck’s Nokia phone, and with my work laptop too, under KDE but not under GNOME so I think I can foresee an upgrade of Ubuntu to Edgy coming on soon.

    [Anyone wishing for a translation of this comment should send a stamped self-addressed envelope…]

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