Offending article

Here it is:


As you can see, there is a bit of a green worm on the top left corner of the display. It goes round and round like that all the time now; a kind of ‘progress indicator‘. Hah!

Five months after I first tried to get an Internet connection at home, I’m still waiting for this thing to start working. I got excited last week because they sent me some emails that looked like it was supposed to be fixed. In fact it seems to have regressed because for a while it was getting past the worm stage to the box stage and now it’s back, stuck with the worm. are, apparently, waiting for France Telecom to do whatever it is they do to uncross my wires.

Meanwhile I have been putting off various things that could be fun to do with Free broadband: Making ‘phone calls, watching (French) TV, using the many fabulous resources on line for learning French, Skype, fixing so that the photos of Kenya are available again, searching for free porn, writing blog entries, etc.

Meanwhile, there sits the Freebox. defiantly staring back at me with it’s little green worm going round and round. Not sure it was a good idea to put it on the ground like that, it’s temptingly close to my foot.

This blog entry isn’t a very good example Nonviolent Communication, is it? OK, let’s have a go: When I look at my freebox I feel sad and frustrated because I have a need for connection that is not being met.


  1. Jim Says:

    Yeah, good luck with that NVC thing, cos you’re getting screwed with your pants on with this ADSL thing. France, in my experience, tends to prefer a mode of dispute resolution known as “casse-gueulle” communication. This tends to involve a lot of yelling and hand-gesturing…

  2. Drew Says:

    I think you missed Stumbling off the list:
    How to spend your life on the fishyweb item #32
    Nice phots a few posts back and I like the Harold Whitman quote :)… a lot .
    My books done… I hope, off with m to dubai/malaysia/thailand on saturday.

    Drew 😀

    ps if I’m off topic I might as well go really off topic: Lindy aerials
    just watch 58 sec to 1 minute, the rest is dull:
    There you go, a non violent distraction.

  3. Sophia Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I am not sure my other messages can reach you.

    If you are in London on Monday, we will be celebrating Alex’s viva,
    and if you came it would be very good!


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