Chin first

On Friday night I went, with Vincent and Rodrigo from work, to club Pyms in Rennes. Pyms puts on partner dancing once a month: Salsa downstairs and some Rock and Swing upstairs. The upstairs room was very empty and the DJ put on some dreary old R&B record and, as far as I can tell, buggered off downstairs to dance Salsa for half an hour. When the music started to liven up again I was keen to dance with one of the few remaining Lindy follows who had not gone home already. I might have overdone it a bit…

The floor was slippery, we already knew that, I’d slipped over during my first dance with Matilda.

“That was great”, said Rodrigo, “It’s a real shame I left my camera in the cloakroom; I wanted to have a photo of you on the floor

Vincent said he’d seen someone else hit the floor. You can see where this is leading, can’t you? It happened a second time, but much worse:
J’ai glissé, Je suis tombé par terre.

The floor came up and hit me.

I measured my length.

I hit the the ground chin first.

Vincent took me to the emergency room.

I have four stitches hidden in the beard!


  1. Chris Says:

    Chin up!

    At least you hit the ground running…!


  2. Sophia Drossopoulou Says:

    So glad to hear you keep dancing. Sorry you fell. Where is the photo of
    the four stictches?

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, and all the best for 2007.

    Hopefully till soon.


    PS Do not know whether I let you know through email already: Alex got no changes to make for his PhD viva. This was anew thing for me!

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