Dark materials

Mithi was inspired by Jana. Nic, inspired by Mithi, gave me black paper and pastels for Christmas.

100_02871.JPGI was inspired by Mithi’s flipflops, hence the stripes under this bread.

100_0285.JPGFascinated by the idea of leaving a gap in the white to suggest a shadow. This should be the most natural thing in the world, but it feels odd doing it that way.



  1. mungbean Says:

    Fun! How about banning yourself from drawing outlines to make it more interesting…? 😉

    Also think you might find it more enjoyable to work much bigger (A3 min) unless your pastels happen to be very small.

    Hmm, I miss drawing…

  2. Mark Says:

    Hey, it’s hard enough colouring inside the lines. You want me to colour inside the lines that I haven’t drawn?

  3. Tyg Says:

    Whoopee!!!! Drawing Pyglet …

    I go away for the holidays and come back to this. Smashing!


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