Another month another modem

This is a box, a magical box; I’m wound up and ready to play.
Fortunately this ADSL modem actually works. I’m posting this from home! 😀


  1. Nic Says:

    *yay* at last



  2. Tyg Says:


    Sorry I was such a lazy arse last night. It was FREEZING and I have a cold and I was drawing, and, most importantly, I was tucked up in bed under the duvet next to the heater 🙂

    Don’t hold it against me?

    I still love you!

  3. Mark Says:

    Aww, bless!
    No hard feelings over last night, it was lovely to speak to Drew with my own voice; and that’s such a lovely drawing of a radio on your blog that I couldn’t possibly fall out of love with you. Although I do feel a little jealous.

    Now its time for me to dust off my wind-up web-cam and start being on talking terms with nic after months of radio-silence.

  4. mungbean Says:


    can you fix it for one of my neighbours at home to set up an open wifi network as well please?


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